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Time for A Nature Retreat!

Posted by Andrew Sealy on

Time for A Nature Retreat!Nature. What a force of beauty. It’s the essence of which we all are born from and the indispensable commodity that we often forget to appreciate. Although I live in the densely populated beach city of Venice CA, I make sure to get outdoors for a nature adventure at least once a month. It could be a 10 mile hike to a desert oasis to immerse, or a sunset no-phone hike along the Santa Monica Mountains to escape traffic. Nature is the driving force of my Art. It brings passion to play, and adventure to discovery. Nature is the reason my Yoga practice continues to evolve with such consistent progress. When it’s time to relight your creative spark, you must venture into nature and realign with the passion that helps you produce your best art.

Knowing when it’s time to cleanse yourself in the waters of nature’s rejuvenating power, is the key. I admit; I’m not always good at fully disconnecting from technology, (especially due to my creative work on social media.) But, I do make a huge initiative to KNOW when it’s time to adventure into the depth of Nature’s most healing sanctuaries. This happens most often when I’m feeling run down, ragged, and at a creative standstill. If you’re an active Yogi, I know, you’re with me on this one: You too struggle to balance passion with persistence and can get burnt out. Overextending yourself, running around town to get from work to yoga, getting home to hunger and exhaustion after a long day of serving others. THIS, is when you know it’s time to get back to treating yourself with LOVE and connecting with the serenity that is abundant in Nature!

My most recent trip outdoors to adventure was prompted by a deep knowing that I needed to clear my perspective and rejuvenate my creativity. I found myself on a journey through the Grand Canyon to a desert oasis called Havasupai Falls. I gathered some yoga friends, grabbed my outdoor travel hammock, and packed my 80lb bag to walk 10 miles into the desert, where i was greeted by the magical blue waters of Havasupai!

On journeys like this, there are a few “must-haves” that these outdoor excursions would not be the same without. The first necessity for me is hygiene; no matter what, you MUST have biodegradable hygienic wipes to use when in the great outdoors. It’s a must that they be biodegradable and it’s a plus that they don’t smell like your grandma’s old perfume. Yuni Shower Sheets come in handy when taking a lue in the bush, sanitizing hands before eating, and for cleaning the dust out of your nose and eyes before bed. Seriously, the All-In-One, Eco friendly adventurer’s best friend: to keep you feeling clean and vibrant in all circumstances of the great outdoors.

My second necessity is a comfortable living structure that is easy to move and travel with. The Eno All Weather Hammock is just that; durable, light, and bug resistant. You can hang it in any tree and find yourself comfortably elevated above the crawling dust bowl of the Grand Canyon floor. And the Eno Hammocks are super simple to pack-n-go with virtually no break down. Did I mention they are lighter than your favorite yoga mat, and can fit in your back pocket?

My third necessity is the Yuni Muscle Recovery Gel, because when it comes down to it, hiking 10 miles ain’t easy. Shoulders, hips, knees, and toes get sore. I can’t even begin to put into words how refreshing this little bottle of cooling gel can be when walking through blistering heat with sore shoulders from carrying a 80 lb. bag 10 miles. When we arrived to our camp, the Yuni Muscle Recovery Gel was the conversation starter, as we huddled around to give and receive massages. Lathering one another with the cooling gel was like a nightly ritual to say goodnight and restore each other for the beautiful day ahead.

When it comes to exploring nature, my goal is to be in it to the fullest. I’m a minimalist, and the type of person who doesn’t mind getting dirty. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not clean in my conscious; when it comes time to pack-up and leave nature without a trace. The less you pack, the less you have to bring back. The more you explore the more you’re grateful for. For me nature is our home and the more we explore it’s beautiful depths the more we can truly appreciate the role we play in preserving our earth. Every decision counts. When we choose to share what matters most about the places we love, people begin to see the true beauty of travel and learn to preserve and respect themselves as much as the environments they visit. As creatives, we support the brands whose values align with our conscious good. This is how we, as humans can learn to make a smaller footprint and a real positive impact on the world we thrive in. Cheers to YOU, the seekers of good and the creators of great! 

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