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DUSK Orange Ombre Travel Bag

SKU 040232206887

DUSK Orange Ombre Travel Bag

SKU 040232206887

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Whether you’re heading to the gym or traveling the world, depend on natural, eco-friendly YUNI beauty products to heighten your senses and aid in express clean-up.

Save Time and Improve Your Performance

Fill our orange Travel Bag with your favorite YUNI products and have everything you need to prep your mind and body before a workout. Gently cleanse your skin at the end of a session and recall your yoga moment at will.

Here are a few great travel-sized YUNI products that will help you save time and improve your performance:

Each of our organic, natural products makes clean-up a breeze—no matter where you are.


Our orange Travel Bag features a pristine white background, a bright orange zipper, and a matching YUNI logo embroidery. Looking for an alternative color? Our Travel Bags are also available in teal, purple, and green.

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With our orange Travel Bag, keep all of your essentials compact, organized, and accessible on-the-go. When you leave the house, simply slip the Travel Bag into your purse, suitcase, or gym bag, and overcome any obstacle that lies ahead. Browse our entire green beauty collection today.