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  • Give the gift of recovery for the active woman or man in your life.  This set includes the Shower Sheets, Muscle Recovery Gel, Active Calm Face Serum and travel size Concentrated Body Cleansing Creme.
  • Find freshness on the go. Between showers, whisk away dirt, sweat and odor with one luxuriously large, moist wipe. The thick sheet stays flat and doesn’t roll up, allowing larger coverage.
  • This blend of fair trade green tea extract and arnica eases the aftermath of a hard workout. Arnica naturally reduces inflammation while peppermint reduces perception of pain, to keep you mobile the next day. Perfect for after yoga or other sports. Energizing essential oils stimulate and refresh.
  • An age-defying moisture concentrate for the face that recharges the natural glow. Erase tension-lines and restore suppleness with sustainably harvested, certified organic buriti oil, blended with fair trade green tea extract. An anchoring blend of essential oils reconnects you with deep relaxation.
  • Experience a pristine body with this rich crème cleanser combining fair trade turmeric and green tea extract. This rich formula contains less water than conventional body cleansers, for a more luxurious experience. A balancing aromatic blend of bergamot and patchouli essential oils enhances focus and equilibrium.
  • Our products enhance and prolong the effect of your Yoga practice, before, during and after a session. Revive the moment, even on days when you skip a practice.


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Looking for a quick and easy way to refresh after a workout or yoga session? No matter which physical activity is your calling, Healthy Actives from YUNI Beauty is the best skin and body care kit equipped for your renewal.

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Our Healthy Actives Kit is comprised of the best skin and body care available, including our Shower Sheets, Muscle Recovery Gel, Active Calm Face Serum, and our travel size Concentrated Body Cleansing Creme. Anytime you’re in need of an express clean-up or a jump-start on your recovery, seek an reinvigorating balance with Healthy Actives.


Healthy Actives is filled to the brim with all-natural, eco-friendly beauty products that are uniquely designed to help you refresh and recover. Whether you’re finishing a fulfilling yoga session or your weekly training, you can use Health Actives to whisk away dirt, sweat, and odor. Recharge your skin’s natural glow and ease pain or inflammation with our curated selection of YUNI products.

Since each of our products features 100% natural aromas, enhance and prolong the effects of your workout or yoga session whenever and wherever you are.

If you’re looking for the best skin and body care kit for a refreshing recovery, discover our Healthy Actives. Shop with YUNI Beauty today.

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