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WAVE Blue Ombre Travel Bag

SKU 040232206887

WAVE Blue Ombre Travel Bag

SKU 040232206887

At YUNI Beauty, we’re proud to provide active health seekers around the world with natural, eco-friendly products that are designed to save time and prolong the effects of your yoga practice. With our teal Travel Bag, take all of your favorite travel-sized YUNI products along—no matter your destination.

Save Time Without Sacrificing a Session

Want to enjoy a quick yoga session or workout before work? Fill your teal Travel Bag with our versatile products, toss it in your purse or tote bag, and you’ll be able to refresh your skin and senses on-the-go—even when there isn’t a shower available. Stock up on some of our most popular products, including:

Each of our products are available in a convenient travel size that fits neatly inside our teal Travel Bag, making it the perfect companion for your workday, trip to the gym, or vacation.


Our teal Travel Bags feature a zen white background, a teal zipper, and a matching teal embroidery of the YUNI logo. Prefer an alternative color? Our Travel Bags are also available in purple, green, and orange.

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All of our eco-conscious beauty products enhance and prolong the effects of your yoga practice, before or after your session. Shop our Travel Bag in teal and explore our natural beauty collection.