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Smoothing Body Scrub

My go-to YUNI products are...

Muscle Recovery Gel - because it has all the ingredients I love for helping sore muscles and joints in an easy to use (no excuses!) roll on so that I'm sure to nurture my sore spots daily. When we have an injury it is so important to take action and give it some love every day so it gets better and not worse.

Soothing Body Scrub - So many scrubs come in messy tubs that you have to dip into with dripping hands in the shower. I love that this comes in a convenient, tidy squeeze bottle. Many body scrubs are also super oily so you leave the shower covered in oil that gets on your towel. Sometimes that's OK when you need protection from dry climates, but I like that Yuni's will moisturize the skin but with no oily residue. And the scrub is gentle and mild, but effective.

All Purpose Body Balm - I am such a fan of working good oils into my feet after the shower. It's a wonderful time to nourish yourself with self massage and moisturize any cracks in the sole of the foot, especially the heels. Yuni's balm is so perfect for this! And the aroma is divine.

Amy Ippoliti in Yoga Practice

I define mindful beauty...

"There is no shame in wanting to look and feel irresistible - when you're glowing, you're more likely to attract the people and opportunities that will help you help others in the world. This effect gets doubled when you choose products that are consciously produced with more pristine ingredients and in conscious ways. Mindful beauty? Stepping into your vibrance with no apologies, and making conscious choices in how you beautify."

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Here's my daily ritual/tip for our fellow yogis...

Wake up: Meditate
Cleanse face, tone, serum, moisturize, sun screen
Drink Green juice
Drink Smoothie
Work butt off on the computer or teach yoga
Cardio, strength training, and yoga practice
Work butt off some more
Dinner, reading, or watching TV series with my man
Nite nite!

When I am not on the mat, you’ll probably find me…

"Swimming or on my bike! And sadly, on my lap top."

Here’s the story of when, why and where I began my Yoga practice….

"When I was 16, my mother asked if I’d like to try yoga for the first time with her and I said yes. At the time, I was searching for bigger answers about life, since the popularity contests at my school had me seriously disillusioned with life. I knew there had to be more to life and yoga was my answer. The rest is history! "

Here’s my current obsession / passion — other than Yoga:

My current passion other than yoga is being an activist for the earth. My partner Taro and I shoot photos underwater with marine animals to help inspire people to take action and protect the oceans from hunting its wildlife and work to keep it clean from plastics, pollution and trash.