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Give Thanks by cultivating Self Care

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Often times we think about what we’re grateful for and the first thing that comes to mind is usually others, a loved one, family member or friend. Rarely do we give thanks for ourselves. This Thanksgiving, be grateful for your able body and all that it does for you. You can do this [...]

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Treat those Yogi Toes

As yogis it feels very natural for us to walk around barefoot. We walk into the studio barefoot, we practice barefoot, and I bet most of us walk around our house barefoot. In class it’s a grounding sensation. We’re able to feel the earth beneath our feet. We use the muscles in our feet to help keep us balance [...]

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A Time to Reflect

Fall is a time to settle the body and mind to prepare for the slowing down of winter. It’s traditionally seen as a period of change before the dark winter. As you prepare for the next season, learn to accept the changes in your life with the changing season. Notice your energy flow this fall and how it’s changing [...]

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Power Your Healthy Yoga Glow

We all want healthy youthful skin. Keeping a regular skincare routine will help you achieve beautiful glowing skin. Face serums are an important step to maintaining skin health. This added layer of protection contains the most active ingredients to keep the skin young and supple. YUNI’s all natural skincare products will help you achieve that youthful glow. After cleansing, apply [...]

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Healthy Skin This Fall

As the weather becomes cooler and drier with the changing season, it’s important to keep the skin hydrated. When the skin is dehydrated it can become itchy, dry and lackluster. Our skin is our largest organ and our first line of defense, so we must keep it healthy. YUNI’s natural and organic skincare will help keep the skin hydrated, [...]

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Recall your Savasana Yoga Moment anywhere, anytime!

Savasana is the time in our practice when we allow our body to rest. We actively move through our asana so our mind and body will exert and be ready for deep relaxation and meditation. As yogis we strive to maintain that same peaceful mindset off the mat.  YUNI’s natural skin products can help you reconnect to your savasana [...]

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Post Workout Recovery Can Be Pleasurable!

After a tough workout it’s important for the muscles to have a healthy recovery. Stretching and strengthening the body without proper care post class can lead to injury not only while working out, but while doing everyday tasks. YUNI’S natural beauty products help you care for your body and achieve that post yoga zen by prolonging and enhancing those positive [...]

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Modern Convenience

We all live such crazy lives, and as modern yogis we work hard to find the balance between our everyday life and our life on the mat. Fitting a yoga class in before work, during the lunch hour or before a dinner party doesn’t have to take a toll on your beauty care routine. YUNI’s  natural skincare products treat [...]

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What We're Loving Right Now

Feel great about yourself by freshening up with Yuni's natural  organic beauty care body mist!

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5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Labor Day Weekend

Clean up after an intense yoga class with one of our natural  organic skin care products, like the Instant Shower Sheet.

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