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Valentine’s Day is packaged and promoted to us as a romantic occasion to swoon in the arms of a sweetheart. And while erotic, sexy love is an expression of “Kama”, the principle of pleasure, sensory delight and intimate human fulfillment—this passionate form is not the only kind of love that’s important in February, and always. Year-round, we’re inspired by the mood-enhancing, everyday pleasures of natural organic beauty products whenever we need to feel the love!

Let’s make this Valentine’s season a time of awakening and giving back our whole hearts—starting with ourselves, as poet Derek Walcott suggests. Our Deep Renewal Kit brings together beauty care favorites that delight the senses and wrap you in that Healthy Yoga Glow:  Smoothing Body ScrubActive Calm Face Moisturizer, All 

Purpose Body Balm, and travel-size Concentrated Body Cleansing Crème.

Exfoliation is key when it comes to allowing active ingredients to do their thing. This is especially relevant when we’re talking about winter skin. Skin is made of protein, and this keratinized protein is similar in structure to our nails and hair. The skin sheds dead protein cells, and this protein can accumulate on the surface of the skin, creating a dry, dull, unresponsive layer.

We also breathe through our skin. Exfoliants gently loosen these scaly formations so breathing is enhanced and beneficial ingredients can reach deeper. The result: conditioned, vibrant skin which feels and looks supple and glowing. That’s why our Deep Renewal Kit includes a body-smoother—you need it before applying the balm – a heavenly mix of organic Kukui Nut Oil, Shea Butter, Bergamot and Patchouli Oils -- for maximum effectiveness.

Keeping skin replenished and soft during winter months is especially challenging, and it’s not only because of the temperature. The main issue this winter is actually the drop in humidity which generally accompanies the winter cold. In many climates, skin moves from icy, dehydrating exteriors to interiors heated with dry forced air. The combination of these factors often leaves skin feeling tight, parched and depleted. Our  Active Calm Face Moisturizer melts into skin to treat and firm, combining Edelweiss Active Plant Cells, Fair Trade Tumeric and Green Tea Extract and organic Buriti Oil to restore skin’s elasticity.

And on the subject of exfoliation, we think that there is a metaphor here, waiting to be set free! Just as our skin may build up thick, tough, coarse layers in the interest of self-protection, and in response to trauma or a non-nurturing environment, do we not do the same on the heart-level?

While February 14 is typically presented with chubby cupids, candy, pink hearts and plush teddy-bears, perhaps the deeper invitation of Valentine’s Day is to shed the protective layer with which we often guard our hearts. Especially when our hearts have been broken a time or two. Opening the heart is at the center of The Journey and The Concept of YUNI Beauty. Yogis, as well as people who are simply interested in fitness, frequently talk about their “core” and core strength. Personal trainers these days often reference the need to locate and awaken the Traverse Abdominis, the deepest abdominal layer also known as the “corset muscle” which helps to stabilize our spine, pelvis and the placement of organs, flatten the tummy, and prevent injury and pain. Certainly this is one important kind of “core”.

But consider this: our word “core” relates to “coronary”. Core literally means heart. To have “courage” (moving from the Latin to the French) means to have a full and robust heart; this is why so many religious and military medals employ the icon of the unfailing heart, sometimes blazing with flames and pierced with swords. And loving ourselves open-heartedly, especially when loss or disappointment has sharpened our awareness of our own imperfections, does indeed require core-depth and heart-deep strength.

Appreciate yourself, appreciate your skin, appreciate your body. If you’re a woman who runs with the wolves, alone or mated, howl whole-heartedly. And if you want to give yourself a dozen red roses on February 14, we’re all for it.

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