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I live...

" the City of Angels, LA, CA, in an area called Miracle Mile. Literally. People think it’s a city here, but I think I'm living in some fantasy-land where the mountains meet the ocean and skyline is vast, the canyons run deep and trees are the most unusual, colorful, magnificent trees I've ever seen"

I define mindful beauty...

" the dance between revelation and concealment --what is hidden and what is shown. Beauty, like peace, like love, is within us. Always. Organically. From the beginning. Mindfulness allows us to realize it. In Yoga, it's always about making the connections. Refining and expanding our awareness to see the unseen; to illuminate as much as possible. And in that light, we recognize the magnificent beauty that is already within us and all around us. "

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Here's the story of when, why & where I began my yoga practice

"It was the mid ‘90s, I was working at Elle Magazine as Director of Public Relations. I had a chic West Village apartment, a sexy expense account, a closet full of gorgeousness, and a lot of fabulous friends who knew how to party. And even with all the trappings of the good life, it did not feel good. I found a Rodney Yee routine somewhere and did a headstand in my bedroom and I was hooked. At NY Sports club in Midtown, I took Cyndi Lee's lunch hour yoga class and felt such a profound shift I was hungry for more. Housed in a grungy building on 14th St, Cyndi's studio OM had Christmas lights up around the big window all year long. The mats faced each other. No mirror. And it was there I first practiced with Elena Brower. Her voice, her practice, her spirit ignited the real spark within me. It was like nothing else I'd ever experienced. I told the models and the stylists and the fashion editors. Dragged a bunch with me and seduced them with brunch at Flourent after class. I think they all thought I was crazy (they probably still do). Yoga was indy back then. Kinda weird. Maybe it still is. All I knew back then is that I was falling in love. I moved to LA and practiced with Frank White and Steve Walther at Center for Yoga when I worked for the Style Network. Back in NY for Salvatore Ferragamo, I found Ruth Lauer Maneti at Jivamukti. And though I practiced regularly, I was still living another life. A very unconscious, un-yogic, confused and chaotic life. It was not until my life shifted dramatically, and I became a mother, that I knew I could never go back to the path I was on before. At that time I also began practicing with Joan Hyman and Lisa Walford who also later had tremendous influence and were sources of great growth in my life. My husband brought home a flyer for Annie Carpenter's 200-hour Teacher Training and almost without pause, I turned and went in a completely different direction."

Here's my current obsession/passion - other than yoga:

English peas, raw, by the bowlful. All tea all the time. Hip hop, classic rock and singing bowls in no particular order. High tops. Love. Flowers in my neighborhood, Groundworks coffee (Angel City), braids, macramé, New Yorker magazine cartoons (still), being vulnerable, seeking ease in the discomfort. My kid. My husband. All my people. All people everywhere. Dharma.

My go-to YUNI products are...

"the Shower sheets (yogis believe in the power and purpose of the feet. I like to keep my feet clean and these are always with me before I walk into any class, as a teacher or a student. And because I'm a yoga mama, I keep them in my bag always. When I pick my 11 year old boy up from school and the back of his neck and arms are covered in sweat and dirt, I happily bring him back to his bright and shiney self with just one sheet!), The Muscle Recovery Gel is so soothing -- the smell, the feel -- and that it's a roll-on is my favorite (most muscle gels are goopy and hand applied, so the roll-on is a kind of luxury!). Feels like I'm taking care of myself and aiding the recovery process even if I'm still in the flow and on the go and I don’t have to get goopy to do it. The Microveil Hair Treatment is the best detangler I’ve ever had. The Calm Face Serum is so nourishing and clean and not at all sticky or oily. Its really the Goldie Locks face product ------- juuust right. I love them all ------ the creams, the mist (!!!) the balm - it all so delicious."

My daily ritual...

I wake up, scrape my tongue and meditate. Every day. Thankfully. Gratefully. There are very few days I miss, but when I do, I feel its effects throughout the day. For me, a steady, daily practice is the easiest to sustain because it becomes an integrated part of my life. I'm married 13 years and that, along with being a mom, are the greatest daily practice I have ever known. I teach and do yoga most days and am in a rhythm of that exchange and energy and am nourished by it. Every day I'm involved with and curious about breath. And I'm moving closer to clarity because of it. Every day I'm with my kid and my husband. We eat beautiful food and laugh a lot. Most days, I speak to at least one of my close friends and hear her life and tell her mine. Those women are my heart-tribe and they are essential to my healing, growing and often my joy. On most days I speak with one of my parents. They are and always have been my primary teachers, my main source. I cook a lot (happily!) and drive a lot (not so happily) and am wildly in love with what I do. I read constantly and most nights I'm asleep by 9:30 (but not wholly on purpose).

When I 'm not on the mat, you'll probably find me...

...crafting, creating, cracking up or carpooling.

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Unique profound insights of yoga for everyday life & how yuni fits in


Keep yourself vibrant and hydrated and pampered and adored (with Yuni, with food, with thought, with actions) and know that sometimes it will be messy. And then come back to the falling in love. Again and again. I changed course and have never looked back. I am happier and calmer and easier than I have ever been. It has been an incredible adventure already and I'm still only in the beginning.