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Eve Modens Practicing Yoga
Body balance aroma concentrate

When I am not on the mat, you’ll probably find me...

"In nature :) At the beach, hiking or anywhere else outdoors! Connecting with the Mother Earth regularly is crucial to my well being."

Here’s the story of when, why and where I began my yoga practice...

"Back in 2010 I gave myself an unlimited month of membership at the local Yoga studio in Venice as a birthday gift. I was instantly hooked! Growing up as a dancer with mild form of scoliosis I always wanted to to take better care of the body. Even though flexibility aspect is what I got drawn to in the first place, it was a great way to get introduced to Yoga practice. Three years later I decided to deepen the studies through 200 HR teacher training followed by discovery of Acro Yoga."

Here’s my current obsession / passion— other than yoga...

"Aerial arts. After watching various performers doing incredible dance tricks up in the air I decided to focus on training silks, trapeze and lyra to discover my favorite circus apparatus. As a movement artist I get very excited about mastering a new craft and can't wait to tack share this progress!"

Mindful beauty is...

"Awareness as a regular practice."

My go-to YUNI products...

Body balance aroma concentrate – my number one yuni favorite product! This roll-on contains a beautiful mixture of oils to enhance the energy. It manages to uplift and soothe at the same time. Rolling the concentrate onto my hands, rubbing them together, and breathing deep allows me to return to the present

Muscle recovery gel - I love using this product to help the body get through recovery time. It's a great way to reduce inflammation and continue with training!

Shower sheets – lifesaver for a sweaty yoga session! I don't always have a chance to shower right after a workout and these wipes provide a clean, fresh feeling on the go. Also great when traveling!

Here’s my daily ritual / tip for our fellow yogis...

Warm water with lemon first thing in the morning followed by meditation. Simple, yet essential to start the day right. Drinking warm lemon water helps hydrate the body and boost metabolism while meditation (even for one minute) allows my mind to settle and check in to have a good day.

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