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Koya Webb Practicing Yoga


Koya Webb is an international yoga instructor, health coach and occasional vegan chef who lives in Los Angeles. Every aspect of her practice and attitude devotes itself to raising up her own energy and the energies of those around her to the highest vibrational state.

“I define beauty like this: unconditional love for yourself, loving others, and loving the planet. We are all connected and united at the core. This means that true beauty goes beyond the skin, the body, and even the mind. Real beauty is soul-deep.”

Standing almost 5 foot 11, Koya displayed a natural talent for athletics as a teen growing up in Tennessee. “I saw athletics as my ticket out of the country, meaning a small town in the South,” she says of the full scholarship that brought her to run track and field at a Wichita State in Kansas.

A devastating lower-back injury threw a roadblock into her path—but that roadblock introduced her to yoga, along with bike and pool practice, as part of her rehab. After a year of recovery, Koya went on to win the track championship for her university.

Initially, yoga seemed like too much of a stretch: “I was a Southern Baptist Girl, and I thought to myself, ‘I can’t be worshipping no Buddha.”

“Learning the flexibility of yoga practice connected me with my soul,” she recalls.

Today, she counts YUNI Muscle Recovery Gel as a must-have to tame inflammation after a strenuous workout. She’s also a fan of YUNI Shower sheets to keep her skin pristine throughout the day.

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When I’m not on the mat…

”I’m travelling the world, exploring different cultures, and having adventures.”

She loves visiting the Caribbean and Hawaii, where she once served as a vegan chef to 500 fellow yogis on the beach: “Every night, I danced until I fell asleep.”

“Get loved up” tip from Koya:

She’s a foodie who loves pineapple dusted with cayenne for breakfast. She freezes her bananas to thicken up her daily smoothies to an ice-cream consistency, and indulges happily in “un-guilty pleasures” – snacking on organic apples, oranges, baby carrots and raw green beans—so she is never “hangry” (hungry + angry!).