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Argan Oil


Argan Oil Benefits for Your Hair

Argan oil, also called ‘liquid gold’ due to its light yellow hue, is extracted from the kernels of a tree that’s native to Morocco. Many people are aware of argan oil’s benefits for hair and skin, making it incredibly popular in beauty products worldwide. In fact, it is the most popular cosmetic product for a number of today’s celebrities. Learn more about the different elements of argan oil, as well as argan oil products for hair, when you read on here.

Using Argan Oil

You can use pure argan oil on your skin and hair, as it is gentle enough to be non-irritating. You can also add it to your existing beauty products. No more than a few drops are necessary when using it directly on the skin or adding it to your favorite beauty products.

YUNI Uses Argan Oil

YUNI has taken the power of argan oil and combined it with Kukui Seed Oil and essential oils to create a hair treatment that can, and should, be used while working out. When you apply our HOT HEAD Microveil Hair Treatment before a workout, your body heat activates the dry oil to condition and hydrate your hair, making it easy to style and maintain post workout. This hair treatment works best when sprayed onto your hair and then braided or knotted on top of your head. Try it on straight, curly, and wavy hair to enjoy argan oil benefits for hair.



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Argan Oil Benefits for Hair & Skin

Argan oil contains several powerful minerals and fatty acids that make it ideal for skin and hair. It doesn’t leave a heavy residue, it’s not greasy, and can be used to almost immediately soften your body. Full of vitamin E, linoleic acid, and omega-6 fatty acids, argan oil make hair and skincare more manageable.

For Skin

When used for its skin benefits, argan oil is mostly known for its hydrating effects. It can soften the skin because of its nutrient content and the non-greasy nature of the oil makes it ideal for skin application on the go. Argan oil is meant for your entire body including your face and neck.

For Hair

For softer, silkier, and shinier hair, argan oil is your number one choice. Argan oil benefits for hair include taming frizzy hair and restoring shine. Argan oil works great as a styling agent or as a restorative product. The fatty acids and vitamins that are so good for your skin are also effective on your hair.

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