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Echinacea Extract


Echinacea Benefits for Skin

The echinacea is one of those rare miracle plants that seems like it can treat anything. It has an impressive history too. Unlike many plant extracts that only recently rose to popularity with the natural beauty movement, echinacea has been used for centuries, first by Native Americans, then by Europeans, and finally worldwide. Its earliest uses were mostly internal, as it was used to fight infection, relieve pain, and combat inflammation. Learn more about echinacea’s benefits for skin and take advantage of natural beauty products such as echinacea lotion.

YUNI and Echinacea Extract

As a natural beauty brand, YUNI Beauty celebrates multi-purpose powerhouse plants such as echinacea. That’s why we’ve created a powerful anti-aging, immune system-boosting ACTIVE CALM Face Serum using echinacea extract. It capitalizes on all of the gifts of echinacea to give your skin a fresh, youthful feel. Pair it with an ACTIVE CALM Face Moisturizer or use it alone to feel echinacea’s benefits for your skin.



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Benefits of Echinacea

When applied to the skin, the compounds found in echinacea can prevent and fight acne, treat inflammation, and diminish wrinkles.

Combating Acne

Echinacea extract is capable of phagocytosis, a process of devouring damaged cells, bacteria, and other microorganisms that cause infection. Whether taken internally or applied topically, echinacea can boost the immune system and resist acne-causing bacteria. Since acne is often caused by infection and inflammation, echinacea can stop it before it even begins to show. Echinacea’s anti-inflammatory properties can also reduce the appearance of red and painful acne.

Smoother Skin

Another one of echinacea’s benefits for your skin is anti-aging. Echinacea is rich in tannins. These astringent (tightening) molecules can shrink pores and lead to firmer, taut-looking skin with diminished wrinkles and fine lines.

How to Use Echinacea Extract

Echinacea is available in many forms intended for internal use, including teas, supplement pills, and tinctures. You can take these to create natural beauty from the inside out.

To use echinacea topically, you can either try it in pure extract form or as a part of echinacea lotions, creams, or serums. Because some pure echinacea extracts available on the market are purely for topical and not internal use, be sure to check the bottle before ingesting anything.

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