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The Concept

Created by Yogis, for Yogis and with Yogis, YUNI products address 3 key needs:

Modern Convenience—Versatile, multi-tasking products that save time, and enable Yogis to potentially practice more often. This includes products which deliver treatment benefits while you work out or practice Yoga, and may be a deciding factor in whether you decide to work out or practice at all if there isn’t time for a shower or there are no shower facilities available after your session.

SHOP: Instant Shower Sheet, No-Rinse Body Cleansing Foam, All-Purpose Body Balm, Micro-veil Hair Treatment



Everyday Pleasures – Enhance the Yoga practice by preparing mind and body before and after. Products in this category help you recover faster from strenuous exertion, and make even the simplest beauty step so much more delightful.

SHOP: Muscle Recovery Gel, Rejuvenating Hand Crème, Smoothing Body Scrub, Concentrated Body Cleansing Crème, Hydrating Body Conditioner



Anchoring Moments —Our most powerful memories begin in the nose… it’s true, our olfactory response anchors deeply felt responses in the brain. The products in this category anchor the Yoga Moment with the power of scent. They are identifiable with just one breath because they all contain the same therapeutic blend of pure essential oils, uplifting & grounding at the same time. This unique aroma anchors the benefits of Savasana in your mind. By training the brain to associate a balanced physical yoga state with olfactory triggers, we can recall it anytime, just by breathing in this aroma.

SHOP: Body Balance Aroma Concentrate, Aromatic Body Mist, Active Calm Face Serum, Active Calm Face Moisturizer