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WOMEN’S HEALTH - June 2017

WOMEN'S HEALTH - June 2017

WOMEN'S HEALTH - June 2017

These days, everyone knows that athleisure is QUEEN! Get from burpees at the gym to blueberry waffles at brunch with a quick touch up here and there when you choose products that are easy to use anytime, anywhere.

YUNI Beauty products have been designed with exactly this athletic, busy lifestyle in mind. From hair and body care to face and aromatherapy products, our all natural collection will revive and refresh you — even after the hardest workouts. Discover what Women's Health had to say about our post workout products!

More "Ath" than "Leisure"

Elected as one of the products of the year at Women's Health magazine, YUNI Beauty Shower Sheets were tested for durability and performance, as well as how they made people feel after their workout. If you're looking for the perfect way to freshen up without having to wait in THE LONGEST line for the shower, it's YUNI's Shower Sheets you're really looking for.

As a post workout body refresher, there really is no other choice! The Women's Health tester discovered that our Shower Sheets nixed all the sweat, dirt, and oil accumulated during a workout and smelled great afterwards. Ali Finney, Contributing Editor for Women's Health, reported that the neem infused sheets made her skin softer and the citrus and peppermint essential oils cooled and refreshed, while lifting her mood.

Up Your Gym Game

YUNI Shower Sheets offer more than just refreshment, soft skin, and amazing scents — they're also biodegradable, antibacterial, and organic! Save water when you skip the shower and save the environment when you compost these sheets. For a clean you can feel, there is nothing better than YUNI.

Explore our collection of gym ready travel kits to discover freshness on the go!


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