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Holiday Skin Care Gift Ideas and Body Care Guide

Need ideas for the holiday season? A curated gift box filled with clean skin care and body care from YUNI is suitable for virtually everyone on your list. Whether you're searching for gifts for your beauty-fanatic sister, no-nonsense dad, or yogi best friend, YUNI has the perfect present for you.Take a peek at our guide. [...]

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The Anti-aging Power of Edelweiss

Growing older is a privilege. With each year comes more wisdom, and with each new laugh line comes a collection of joyful memories. But that doesn't mean you can't hold onto your youthful glow!Thankfully, you don't need to take drastic measures to maintain your beauty. Nature has given us plants with innate youth-boosting antioxidants and [...]

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6 Reasons Why You Should Start a Body Care Routine

6 Reasons Why You Should Start a Body Care RoutineHave you ever noticed that the word “skincare” has become synonymous with skincare for the face? If the thought of a body care routine has never crossed your mind, you’re not alone. Sure, you use hand cream during dry winters and have body lotion handy, but [...]

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Skincare 101: Transitioning Into Fall

Skincare 101: Transitioning Into FallThe days are shorter, the mornings are crisp, and the leaves are falling. It's official: autumn is here. Cozy evenings spent at home with a cup of tea and an indulgent skincare routine sound more and more appealing.While there is beauty in this seasonal shift, unfortunately, colder weather is not so [...]

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Why You Should Be Using Buriti Oil in Your Skincare Regimen

Nature has given us a bounty of moisturizing, nutrient-dense oils to nourish our skin. You probably know about coconut oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, and even rosehip seed oil for skin beauty. But what about beyond the basics?We went on a quest for the highest quality natural ingredients when we developed our collection of skincare. [...]

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Keep It Clean & Moisturized! Fight Back-to-School Germs With Hand Sanitizers

After an active summer filled with adventures, it can be nice to get back into a routine. Plus, this back-to-school season feels good knowing kids will be headed back to the classroom for in-person learning. But just because school is returning to normal doesn't mean parents and kids shouldn't remain conscious of spreading germs and [...]

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What Are Body Mists and How to Use Them

Do you remember the first time you used a fragrance? Most likely, it was in the form of a body mist. They are a great introduction into the world of aroma because they are gentle enough for people of all ages. But body mists have done some growing up over the years. The best formulas [...]

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Why You Should Try Aromatherapy Today to Help With Stress

21st-century living has us constantly moving and consuming information. Staying tapped in and always rushing through life leaves our bodies and brains exhausted at the end of each day. Taking news and social media breaks can help, but ultimately there's no escaping stress, whether it's from work, family, relationships, or our environment. It follows us [...]

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Stay Fresh On the Go - The Best Products for an Active Summer

The days are warm, the sun is shining, and the calendar is filled with summer adventures. These next few months will keep you on the go, whether it's in the mountains, ocean, or on the yoga mat.You might even jump on an international flight or a cross-country van trip, where showers are scarce, and space [...]

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7 Summer Skin Care Tips to Keep You Glowing

Summertime is all about enjoying the warm weather and long days with friends and family in the beautiful outdoors. If you're like us, your days will be spent traveling, in the mountains, swimming in the ocean, and of course, practicing plenty of outdoor yoga.With all these activities on the agenda, the last thing you'll want [...]

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