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Our Story


Born from a commitment to using sustainably sourced goods, decades of beauty innovation, and a dedication to a mindful, active lifestyle, YUNI's founders have created a collection of responsible beauty products that not only nourish the body but also reflect a deeper connection to the environment and community.




Picture of YUNI Beauty Founders

Rey, a French-born agronomist with a passion for social impact, began his journey in West Africa, where he worked closely with cocoa and coffee growers, teaching them techniques to enhance their crops' quality and value. With a deep commitment to a fair and sustainable business model, Rey's experiences in the field sparked his mission to empower independent growers. Transitioning to cocoa trading in the Netherlands, Emmanuel gained invaluable insights into global market dynamics and identified opportunities for ethical product creation. 

After earning his MBA, Emmanuel embarked on a decade-long journey in the international beauty industry at l'Oreal, culminating in his role as General Manager for L'Oreal Paris in Portugal. Seeking to align his belief in the compatibility of ecological and profit goals with his beauty expertise, Emmanuel transitioned to Aveda. There, he swiftly rose to the position of Senior Vice President and General Manager for Aveda North America, playing a key role in shaping Aveda into a natural, sustainable, and profitable brand.

Emmanuel's dedication to personal growth led him to explore yoga, ultimately becoming a certified Ashtanga instructor. It was through this journey that he recognized the growing demand for ethically sourced products among mindful consumers. Thus, YUNI was born—a brand dedicated to offering sustainable solutions for those seeking to integrate mindfulness into their active lifestyles.


Born in India and transplanted to Australia at the age of 11, Suzanne Dawson gained early insights into the challenges and triumphs of starting anew. Drawing strength from these formative experiences, Suzanne embarked on a journey to become a pioneering entrepreneur and innovator in the beauty industry.

A fervent advocate of natural remedies, wellness, and self-care, Suzanne founded Enliven, one of Australia's earliest natural beauty brands. Enliven stood out for its utilization of essential oils, harnessing the transformative potential of plant-based therapies.

Suzanne's path led her to Aveda, where she spearheaded its launch in the Australian market. Aligned with her values, Aveda's commitment to natural, socially responsible practices resonated deeply with Suzanne. Relocating to the U.S., she assumed a pivotal role as Vice President of Global Marketing and Innovation, driving the introduction of groundbreaking natural products and advancing the company's mission over eleven years. It was during her tenure at Aveda that she crossed paths with Emmanuel Rey, her future husband and co-founder of YUNI.

Rediscovering her early connection to yoga, Suzanne embraced the practice as a means to cultivate balance in her life. Her influence inspired Emmanuel to join her, leading to their certification as Ashtanga Yoga teachers in 2012. Transitioning to California, Suzanne continued to make waves in leadership roles, serving as CMO of Murad, CEO of OleHenriksen, and Chief Community Officer of YogaWorks. Through her work, she remained dedicated to nurturing her deep passion for beauty and wellness.

Today, Suzanne remains deeply immersed in the beauty industry, while Emmanuel spearheads YUNI Beauty alongside his dedicated team in Hermosa Beach, CA.

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