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Liz Arch


Liz Arch is the creator of Primal Yoga®, a dynamic yoga/martial arts fusion class that merges Vinyasa yoga with the artistry of Kung Fu and the grace of Tai Chi into a creative, intelligent and mindful flow. She has over 10 years of experience in various yoga and martial arts styles including Vinyasa Yoga, traditional Northern-style Kung Fu, Yang-style Tai Chi, Self Healing Qi Gong and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. She is an athlete for Under Armour and travels the world leading teacher training programs, workshops and yoga retreats. She is a firm believer in the capacity of yoga to heal on both a physical and emotional level.  She currently serves as Board Chair for The Purple Dot Yoga Project, a non-profit organization that raises awareness for domestic violence by supporting and empowering individuals affected by trauma and abuse through yoga. She also serves as an Advisory Board Member for A Window Between Worlds, a national non-profit organization that uses art as a healing tool to empower and transform the lives of individuals and communities impacted by domestic violence and trauma. Connect with her online at, Facebook or Instagram. LEARN MORE

Amy Ippoliti


Amy Ippoliti is known for bringing yoga to modern-day life in a genuine way through her intelligent sequencing, clear instruction, and engaging sense of humor. She shares her passion for yoga, health, earth conservation with her writings for Yoga Journal, Yoga International, Mantra Magazine, Mind Body Green, prAna Stories, and Elephant Journal. She has appeared on the covers of Yoga Journal and Fit Yoga Magazine and has been featured in Self Magazine, New York Magazine, Allure (Korea), and Newsweek and on the front page of A teacher on, she is a pioneer of advanced yoga education, cofounding 90 Monkeys, an online and in-person school that has enhanced the skills of yoga teachers and studios in 65 countries. She is the co-author of the new book, The Art and Business of Teaching Yoga: The Yoga Professional’s Guide to a Fulfilling Career. Learn more at LEARN MORE



Cam found her love for yoga after taking a fall while rock climbing, leaving her with a broken leg. While recuperating from her injury, she discovered a new perspective and insight from yoga, as it helped her regain confidence in her body and peace of mind. Her background as an engineer continues to shape her approach to inspiring others, and she loves to inspire others by helping them incorporate yoga into their healthy lifestyle. When not talking about yoga, Cam finds herself camping or drinking large mugs of tea. LEARN MORE

Clio Manuelian


Clio Manuelian is a yogi, a mother, a wife, a follower of the sun, the fun, the flow.  She is an ex-New Yorker, a former fashionista, a sutra student, an enlightened mind in training, a hot tea fiend, enchanted with LA, infatuated with fresh juice, a composter, a chanter, a recovering Type A, an emissary for Joy and a 500 Hr ERYT through YogaWorks.  Yoga is her practice, her challenge, her calming, her calling, her community, religion, health, home and the Hanuman monkey on her back since 1995.  For 15 years she worked in Fashion and PR at Elle, the style! network and Salvatore Ferragamo. Though well paid and well dressed, she was highly stressed. When her son was born, she left it all to follow the path of Love (aka dharma). And the moment she traded in her stilettos for stillness, she began this journey from spinning to centered. She started as a yoga dabbler and over the years slowly grew into a yoga dealer and now a dedicated yoga devotee. At the core of her teaching is a celebration for our capacity to expand, love and live more fabulously. With utter gratitude for this profound transformation, she bows to her teachers Joan Hyman, Annie Carpenter, Ruth Lauer-Manenti and Elena Brower, along with every student who appears to teach her how to look and see, listen and hear, and connect more fully each day. LEARN MORE



When an injury ended my competitive running career, I knew I needed to find a way to get back into shape. Like REALLY good shape, elite shape, like a competitive athlete/fitness model. But how do you do that without no longer being able to run? That's when was born. It all started with video taping my bodyweight workouts in my New York Apartment! Here’s my current obsession / passion​ (​other t​han Yoga): Meeting new people, learning what drives and motivates other people. I think that is the most interesting and beautiful thing about life. The fact that we can connect and build relationships - that's what makes life worth living. LEARN MORE

Andrew Sealy


Andrew Sealy is a connection catalyst, a yoga artist, and a movement creator. His days are spent traveling to find adventure, practicing to cultivate growth, and constantly absorbing wisdom to creating new experiences that he shares with love, to friends around the world. Through the unique practice of Yoga and mindful living, Andrew embodies progressive knowledge while positively influencing and empowering his students. Andrew’s teachings aim to answer the question: How can we adapt to create and evolve to sustain? Follow him on Instagram and Facebook LEARN MORE

Eve Modens


Eve Modens is a movement artist widely known as Eve In Motion - professional athlete, versatile model, performer and yoga teacher. Born and raised in Russia, Eve started her journey as a dancer. Later on, she discovered Yoga as transformational way of living. While on this mission to share her passion, Eve found a homebase in Los Angeles, California. After completing 200-hr teacher training, she discovered the practice of Acro Yoga. Combining various styles of training, Eve is dedicated to movement arts fulltime. With significant following on Instagram@EveInMotion is able to connect with thousands of people worldwide on a daily basis. Her goal is to share her passion while traveling the world – you can always find her teaching at international festivals and retreats! LEARN MORE

Koya Webb


Koya Webb is an internationally recognized holistic health coach, author, motivational speaker, yoga teacher and professional fitness model who is helping revolutionize plant-based cuisine, yoga and the holistic living landscape. Koya is known as a “transformational specialist” when it comes to helping people reach their goals. Her "Get Loved Up" Movement inspires participants to practice more self love, love for others, and love for the planet through mental, spiritual and physical fitness. LEARN MORE

Judith Duval


Judith Duval is a Latina wellness guru. She inspires and teaches through a mind, body, and spirit approach to mindfulness. Her mantra: Live With Purpose.  Her goal: Inspire the world to Think, Eat, and Live Better. She is a TV personality and can be found on TV, radio, and online @ LEARN MORE

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