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New Brand Spotlight: YUNI

Get to know Yuni and how our natural body products have been making lives of Yogi's exceptionally better. i

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Mindful Shower | YUNI Concentrated Body Cleansing Creme

Become aware of moments in your life that matter, and take advantage of the natural organic body care products that many love, from Yuni.

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BYRDIE | Showering Without Water? | Gym Bag Musts

Learn how you can  cleanse without a shower after an intense, yet relaxing yoga class. Read more about our all natural body care products now!

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WWD - YUNI Blends Beauty and Yoga

June 17, 2015 Yuni Blends Beauty and Yoga By JAYME CYK An assortment of products from Yuni. Courtesy Photo Beauty for yogis by yogis is the best way to describe Yuni, a new skin, body, hair and aroma brand that is meant to enrich one’s yoga practice beyond the mat. And the timing couldn’t be better. The yoga market grew 87 percent between 2009 and [...]

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