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yoga affirmationThe only thing that we don’t like about New Year’s Resolutions is that they seem doomed to disappoint. So many of us start out with fire in the belly as soon as we run out of eggnog and tear down the tinsel, but by mid-February we’ve lost our gumption—especially if the Resolution was based around anything which involves what the ego may perceive as self-deprivation, like getting up earlier, eating fewer carbs, losing weight and so on.

Seekers of Good, here at YUNI Beauty we are approaching the beginning of a new year with a list of “will do” and “love to” ideas. A broad sense of optimism is essential as we rise to face each day.

Our first “will do” is to create opportunities where more people can learn about The Journey through Yoga, sustaining their own  Anchoring Moments through holistic beauty products that delightfully treat skin and senses, make post class clean-up a refreshing breeze and bring pleasure to daily recovery.

With this aspiration in mind, we are excited to announce that we will be exhibiting our yoga centered, green beauty products at the event, Yoga Journal Live!, in San Francisco January 15-18. This event is one of our favorites, and we look forward to reconnecting with our inspiring teacher David Swenson, who had a profound influence on us and our Ashtanga Yoga journey. If you can get to the beautiful Bay area, this will be a powerful launch for a more Yogic new year!

When forming our 2016 Yoga Goals, we suggest that you set a positive tone. Consider the title of the latest book from Baron Baptiste—“perfectly imperfect.” Aren’t we all?

Or join the playful Kathryn Budig for ‘The Hero’s Journey’, a workshop inspired by the hero who adventures and conquers fears through the power of yoga.

And have you ever thought about a Desire Map? This is the term created by Danielle LaPorte. Her concept is that chasing accomplishments may leave us feeling empty, because what we are really seeking are specific feelings. She calls her technique holistic life-planning, based on how we most want to feel. Supported? Sensuous? Magical? Energized? Creative? Wild-hearted? Seen? Peaceful? Most likely, most of us want to feel all of these things—and engaging in the Desire Mapping process may lead us into the experience. It begins with knowing how we want to feel.

Consider how you want to feel as you make a list of New Year’s Resolutions. We suggest avoid making any agreements with yourself that have a punishing tone. Instead, feel your way to what you truly desire.

The power of a Yoga practice is the clarity which arrives, little by little, allowing us to look most deeply into our heart’s desire.  Everyday Pleasures, like long deep breaths, regular yoga moments and healthy natural products support this experience, which can be like watching a muddy river turn heart-turningly clear as it pushes through new territory. It is a process of moving, traveling, looking, surrendering, and seeing again.

Happy New Year.

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