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Beauty on the Run - Beauty Essentials for Travel!

Beauty on the Run - Beauty Essentials for Travel!

Checking out from reality doesn't mean your skincare does too! After all, that coveted vacation glow isn't only from extra sunshine and relaxation; it also comes from maintaining a thorough skincare routine. So to preserve your healthy skin even when you're in vacation mode, there are skincare products you'll want to continue to use and some you'll want to add to your routine. Read on as the experts at YUNI share their beauty essentials for travel.

How to pack your travel skincare products

A fun way to try out skincare brands you've had your eye on is by bringing their travel-size products with you on your next vacation. They usually cost less than the full-size version and are TSA-approved.

Your second option is keeping up with your current skincare regimen. Transfer a small portion of your full-size products to reusable containers that fit 3.4 ounces or less and pack them in your carry on. Lastly, don't forget a fun travel bag that matches your personality and holds all your travel-friendly skincare.

Keep your skin hydrated with a moisturizer

Before you pack just any moisturizer for your trip, consider the weather and environment of where you will be going. Will you be headed to the dry deserts of Arizona? Or maybe Florida, where the humidity level is at an all-time high? For either destination, we love using antioxidant-rich beauty oils. With oils, a little goes a long way. They can also moonlight as a makeup remover in a pinch.

Pack a rich moisturizer that contains nourishing oils like avocado oil and hemp seed oil for dry climates, all of which are found in our ZENICURE Facial Oil.

If you're heading to a more humid environment or tend to have oily skin, opt for a formula that offers lighter hydration. Our Glow Facial Oil instantly brightens skin and acts as an excellent primer under makeup. The formula has lightweight, free-radical fighting moisturizers like organic jojoba oil and marula oil that are a perfect match against extra sunshine.

Don't forget sun protection

Whether at the beach or skiing in the mountains, don't let a pesky sunburn ruin your trip. Permanent ski goggles or red tan lines — no, thank you! We also shouldn't have to remind you that sun damage causes premature aging and, even worse, skin cancer. Look for a travel size sunscreen formulated for sensitive skin with an SPF of at least 30. You can even find multi-use sunscreen formulas that moisturize and even have vitamin C and hyaluronic acid.

Refresh your locks on the go

You won't want to spend time fussing over a complicated hair regime when you're on vacation. Aiming for effortless, fresh, and healthy-looking hair should be the goal. After a full day of activities, there's not always time to wash your hair. A texturizing dry shampoo absorbs excess oil and revives locks while adding volume.

For a sleek ponytail and to tame ends, look for a light leave-in conditioner like our Air Dry Conditioner Hair Mist. The weightless mist adds moisture using bergamot oil and hibiscus extract.

Take your hair care to the next level with a spa-worthy hot oil treatment while at the beach or laying poolside with our HOT HEAD Microveil Hair Treatment. This heat activated leave-in hair mask will give your locks a healthy sheen using nourishing organic argan nut oil, organic kukui seed oil, and vitamins A, C, and E.

Amp up your skin care routine with a night serum

Fight aging while you sleep AND vacation with a bakuchiol serum. This trending ingredient has garnered the reputation of nature's alternative to retinol because it restores and revives skin so effectively.

But before you apply your serum and hit snooze, make sure you've removed every last trace of your makeup because a thorough washing is a key to avoiding breakouts. Then, lightly press the formula into the skin while it's still slightly damp. Or, if you want to feel extra pampered, use a jade roller to gently massage and deepen the absorption of all the active ingredients.

Encourage your beauty sleep

Your travel friendly skincare routine isn't complete without a full night of beauty sleep. Even though vacation should be relaxing, falling asleep in a new environment and the effects of jet lag can disrupt your usual sleep schedule. Luckily, there are natural remedies to ease your mind and body into slumber.

Start with an aromatherapy pillow spray that contains a calming blend of sage, rose, and petitgrain essential oils that you can gently inhale during deep breathing. Next, try an oral sleep spray with natural active ingredients like melatonin, l-tryptophan, and ashwagandha root. You can find both of these natural sleep solutions in our travel-ready Wind Down Wonders kit.

Are you new to YUNI Beauty and curious about trying us out? Your next vacation is the perfect time to test our sample-size travel skincare products.

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