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Finding Your Zen

Finding Your Zen


Zen – it is not to have, but to be. It is a state of calmness, enlightenment, and acceptance. To find your Zen, you must slow down and embrace the present that surrounds you. However, living in the digital era where we are consumed with data and electronics, it’s hard to get away from it all. See below for our tips on how to find your Zen throughout the day.

The early bird really does catch the worm. Get an early start to your day for increased physical, mental, and emotional health. By waking up earlier in the morning, you can enhance productivity and have a few minutes to center your mind and find your Zen before kicking off your day.

As soon as you wake up, center your mind, body, and spirit with 10 deep breaths.

  • Find a comfortable position, whether it’s laying on your back with a pillow under your head or knees or sitting up straight with your back against a surface. Close your eyes, place one hand on your chest, the other on your stomach, and begin taking in a slow breath. Breathe in through your nose and let the air fill your stomach, then slowly breathe out through your nose. Continue your slow controlled breathing for 10 breaths.

After you are ready for the day, take two minutes to engage in positive thinking exercises.

  • Positive thinking exercises can be affirmations, goals for the day, a new initiative you want to accomplish, or even plans you are excited for today. Look at yourself in the mirror and verbally say at least 3 positive thoughts for the day.

These exercises will set your attitude for the remainder of your day. In tough times, deep breathing and positive thinking will be your light at the end of the tunnel.

To be honest, sometimes finding your Zen in the morning will not eliminate obstacles you face later in the day. You may find yourself feeling flustered half way through the day, especially during work hours. Whether you are consumed by spring cleaning, meeting deadlines, or anxieties that catch you by surprise, take 5 minutes in the middle of the day to find your Zen.

Take a lunch break and go for walk outside.

  • Being Zen is to connect with the nature around. Silence your phone, leave your headphones behind, and take 5-minute walk around the neighborhood to connect with your surroundings. Do not focus on others, but only yourself. Saying a mantra as you walk will prevent negative thoughts from clouding your mind and reduce any feelings of stress.

If being outside is not feasible, partake in a mini meditation.

  • Find a quiet, comfortable space with a surface to lean your back against. Close your eyes, relax your arms and legs, and with a mantra of your choice begin taking slow controlled deep breaths. Continue this for 5 minutes to re-center your focus and find your Zen.

As you begin to wind down from your day, anxieties of incomplete tasks, inconveniences, and tomorrow’s to do list can flood your mind. Drain out negative thoughts and find your Zen before bed with Zenicure and Zazen meditation.

YUNI Zenicure Rejuvenating Facial Oil is a great product to apply before bed.

  • Infused with adaptogenic-like properties in Cannabis Oil to help regulate and balance stress, Zenicure helps release daily stressors as the oil swiftly absorbs into your skin. Gently massage the product into your face and neck.

After applying Zenicure, indulge in Zazen meditation – a form of seated meditation and study of self. In Zazen, the body, breath, and mind are inseparable.

  • First, we focus on the body’s position as it directly effects our state of mind and breathing. In Zazen, sitting on the ground is recommended because it offers a grounded stable base. Sit on a small pillow to slightly raise the pelvis so your knees can touch the ground and cross your legs. Keep your back straight and centered. If needed, sit against a surface to help maintain your posture. Fold your hands in a cosmic mudra – place the dominant hand in the center of your lap with the palm up holding your other hand, also palm up, so the knuckles of both hands overlap.
  • Once you are settled in the appropriate position, begin focusing on your breath. In Zazen, to stabilize awareness, count at the end of each breath. Inhale through the nose, letting the air fill your stomach – exhale through the nose – count 1. Count until your mind is released of all distractions and Zen.
  • If your mind begins to wander, call attention to your thoughts by acknowledging your distractions and restart your breath at count 1. This will help enhance your mindfulness and re-center your focus.

Don’t forget to clear your space with Sleepy Beauty Tranquility Pillow Spray - Spritz into the air of your room and onto your linens to surround yourself with the calming aromatherapeutic blend of Sage, Rose and Petitgrain. Perfect to prepare for a restful night’s sleep.

Follow the above tips daily for a calmer, enlightened, accepted, Zen state of being.


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