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It’s the countdown to December 25, and the end of the calendar year is about to draw to a close. Here’s the challenge: how to stay on top of the deadlines and the demands of the season, while staying in The Goodness of the Healthy Yoga Glow?

Carry your  Anchoring Moments with you, and give the same as gifts to those you love. Check out our Pocket Savasana, for yourself or anyone on your holiday list. This portable set contains two YUNI essentials in a reusable fabric drawstring bag:  travel-size Body Balance Aroma Concentrate and Rejuvenating Hand Crème. These are essential beauty products for coping with the frantic pace in the hours before December 25—the all-natural skin perfume takes you into the alert calm of the Yoga Moment with just a breath, and the hand crème is a must for dry winter-weather (even if there’s no snow).

As Yogis, we find it helpful to think of the body as an energy-map. This is not only an esoteric idea—it’s an idea that crosses over into many health, wellness and medicinal practices. True, the allopathic medicine of the conventional West traditionally has not addressed energy and stress, though this is changing. How we carry our energy and our stress, and how we hold it, release it, bury it and transform it, have a direct impact upon every organ and body system. There may be literal visible evidence, like worn and cracked teeth from night-grinding, headaches from 24/7 teeth-clenching, bitten nails, or even traction alopecia from pulling our yoga-ponytails too tight! Evidence of stress also takes subtler forms, of course, including high blood-pressure, anxiety and depression.

Especially around the holidays, the pressure is on. The demands of your workplace may accelerate in anticipation of staff vacations and end-of-the-year fiscal planning. We make elaborate social plans with friends and family. We may feel pressured to make outlandish gift-purchases which are beyond our means (i.e., your bratty niece INSISTS that she NEEDS those silver-sequined Uggs!). And most significantly, we may feel pressure to act deliriously cheerful—which may not always mirror our interior “weather-pattern,” since holidays may often stir deep, unresolved memories and the unfinished business of the psyche.

YUNI Beauty is dedicated to creating Mood-Enhancing, all natural skin care products which benefit the inner and outer you.

Here’s our advice for Seekers of Good in these last, most amped-out days of 2015:


  1. Let go of the Ho-Ho-Ho. If the glare of flashing red and green bulbs and the blare of “Jingle Bells” just get to be too much, it’s okay to take some quiet-time for yourself, even if you do hear tiny reindeer-hooves prancing on your roof. Feel free to skip a party or two, light a candle in a tranquil room, roll-on YUNI Aroma Concentrate and reflect on The Journey that lies ahead, with gratitude and wonder.
  1. But DON’T skip your Yoga. When you’re burning the holiday candle at both ends (which can be fun, we admit!), it’s really important to come back to center. Especially if you’re eating raw cookie-dough for breakfast.
  1. Get aerobic exercise—it’s a great way to bust stress. Try  YUNI Muscle Recovery Gel, with fair-trade Green Tea Extract and soothing Arnica, after a hard workout, especially skiing, cross-fit and skating—with a deliciously zingy natural Peppermint aroma for holiday spirit.

Photo Credit: Anita Sundaram, our beautiful YUNI educator & Yoga teacher

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