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Recall your Savasana Yoga Moment anywhere, anytime!

Recall your Savasana Yoga Moment anywhere, anytime!

Savasana is the time in our practice when we allow our body to rest. We actively move through our asana so our mind and body will exert and be ready for deep relaxation and meditation. As yogis we strive to maintain that same peaceful mindset off the mat.  YUNI’s natural skin products can help you reconnect to your savasana yoga moment wherever you are, whether you’re sitting in traffic or in a stressful business meeting.

Before slipping off into savasana, rub YUNI’s  Body Balance Aroma Concentrate on the temples, neck, chest and/or underneath the nose. This travel size skin perfume is easy to pack in your bag and bring with you to class. Made with all natural essential oils including neroli, bergamot and sage, to create an anchoring scent that will help you relax deeper in savasana and bring you back to that moment every time you use it. The sense of smell is very powerful. The part of our brain responsible for the sense of smell is related to feelings and memory. After 3-5 sessions of using the  Body Balance Aroma Concentrate in savasana, your brain will connect the aroma to that mindset. Now, as you go about your day you can use it to reconnect you to that ‘restful awakeness’.

To further enhance your experience in savasana bring in something to cover your eyes, like a small towel or eye mask. Make sure you are warm and comfortable, which may mean you have to wear socks or cover up with a blanket. The teacher will appreciate that you are taking time out to enhance your practice and you might create a trend among the other students in the class.

It’s important to take what we learn in yoga and apply it to our daily life. YUNI’s innovative beauty products help you create anchoring moments in class and at home through the power of the senses. 

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