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Skincare 101: Transitioning Into Fall

Skincare 101: Transitioning Into Fall

Skincare 101: Transitioning Into Fall

The days are shorter, the mornings are crisp, and the leaves are falling. It's official: autumn is here. Cozy evenings spent at home with a cup of tea and an indulgent skincare routine sound more and more appealing.

While there is beauty in this seasonal shift, unfortunately, colder weather is not so kind to skin. Lower temps can lead to dryness and sensitivity. Plus, if you spent your summer outdoors, you may be experiencing some dullness and clogged pores.

Whether it's your skin or overall well-being, a change in seasons is the perfect opportunity to slow down and check in with yourself. Start your journey with YUNI's holistic skincare guide to transitioning to fall.

Fall skincare routine

The summer to fall transition is the perfect time to reevaluate your skincare routine. Do you have the right kind of moisturizer? How and when should you be exfoliating? In most areas of the country, the weather shifts dramatically, and so should your skin products.

As we move closer to winter, each day becomes colder and harsher on our skin. So, it's important to prepare your beauty cabinet with the essentials.

Sensitive skin sufferers may get even more irritated during the changing seasons. Choosing natural, plant-based skincare ingredients will gently soothe dry and sensitive areas without exacerbating any issues.

Exfoliate weekly

After a summer filled with sun and outdoor activities, your skin will be longing for a good scrub. Even if you used sun protection every day, dead skin cells build up after months of sunscreen, sun exposure, and self-tanner.

All skin types will benefit from a natural, plant-based exfoliator in their skin care routine. To reveal glowy smooth skin, all you need to do is gently exfoliate one to two times a week.

Acne increases in the fall because of built-up dead cell layers from summer. Regular exfoliation is an effective way to deep clean your skin and clear clogged pores to prevent breakouts.

New to exfoliating? Try out a physical exfoliant this autumn. We love them because they are incredibly effective at refining dull skin and also feel amazing. Natural polishing agents like bamboo, apricot, and oat kernel, found in our Glow with the Flow Face and Body Scrub, boost blood flow and lymphatic drainage. An added bonus: the rest of your fall skincare regimen will penetrate even deeper and become more effective.

Regularly Moisturize

Once the cooler weather hits, there's less moisture in the air, and your light facial oils from summer just won't cut it. Skin craves a thicker moisturizer to keep it hydrated and protected as we get closer to winter.

On top of the cold and dry conditions outside, forced air from indoor heating systems causes moisture loss, which can lead to red, flakey skin. If left untreated, symptoms can worsen and trigger conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

We recommend applying a face lotion or oil immediately after cleansing, morning and night. And don't forget to moisturize your hands after washing to avoid cracks and dry cuticles with a nourishing body creme.

But not all moisturizers are created equal. Check labels and avoid irritating ingredients like salicylic acid, artificial fragrance, mineral oils, and parabens.

Look for nourishing, fatty-acid-rich ingredients like shea butter, buriti nut oil, baobab fruit oil, and coconut oil in your fall lotions. Our Active Calm Firming Moisturizer has natural oils and firming edelweiss extract that keep skin toned and hydrated all day.

Protect skin with a serum

Once the seasons change, your skin takes time to readjust to the drier air and lower temperatures. These elements cause the skin's oil production to decrease, leading to more sensitivity and dryness.

You can minimize irritation and guard your skin barrier with an antioxidant and natural fatty acid-rich serum or facial oil. YUNI's Zenicure Rejuvenating Facial Oil deeply moisturizes and protects with omega fatty acid-rich hemp seed oil while a blend of potent plant extracts firm and brighten. Add a few drops of the oil to your lotion, or use it alone as a moisturizer/serum hybrid.

Take advantage of the natural restorative powers of sleep with our overnight Bakuchiol and Biotic Serum. The natural retinol alternative, bakuchiol, stimulates collagen and supports the skin's natural defenses, while biotic actives balance the microbiome. After you cleanse and before your moisturizer, apply a thin layer of serum and wake up to skin that is healthy and protected from the cold-weather elements.

Maximize sleep

At YUNI, we strongly believe in the importance of holistic living, which essentially means looking at wellness from a big-picture lens. To achieve overall well-being, you need to look at every aspect of yourself, including your mind, body, and soul.

The first step in feeling and looking your best is focusing on a good night's rest because lack of sleep can easily affect the health of your skin. We've all seen the dreaded under-eye bags, puffiness, and lackluster appearance when we wake up after a night of tossing and turning. This happens because your body is missing out on the critical repair cycle our skin goes through when we sleep. During your slumber, blood flow increases to your skin, allowing collagen to rebuild and repair any damaged cells caused by UV rays and pollution.

But after a day on the go, it can be challenging to wind down when it's time to go to sleep. A relaxing skincare routine can help, but essential oils and science-backed supplements will give your body the extra guidance it needs to fall asleep faster.

YUNI's Sleepy Beauty Slumber Oral Spray blends naturally potent ingredients Melatonin, GABA, L-Tryptophan, L-Theanine, Valerian Root, Ashwagandha Root, and Chamomile to promote a restorative rest. Complete your calming routine with a tension-diffusing massage using our Bedtime Body Essence, and a few spritzes of Tranquility Pillow Spray on your linens.

Minimize stress

For many, the transition from summer to fall can mean back to reality. There's back to school, busier schedules, and inevitably, more stress. So, staying mindful during these natural evolutions and controlling anxiety before it controls you will allow you to stay healthy, inside and out.

Stress can cause a number of skin issues like psoriasis, eczema, and acne. You may be familiar with an unwelcome blemish or rash appearing after a challenging week. But according to research at Harvard Medical School, the connection between our brain and skin is more complex than what meets the eye. Chronic stress triggers the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, a collection of glands that produce inflammatory hormones cortisol, which increase oil production in your skin.

Researchers are learning more and more about the gut and its connection to almost every bodily process. For starters, the tie between your gut and brain indicates that stress can negatively affect your digestion and immune response. And when the digestive balance is off, your skin becomes irritated.

Stop stress in its tracks with calming essential oil sprays and roll-ons. Simply breathe in our My Om World Aromatic Body Mist or Pocket Savasana Aroma Concentrate whenever you feel overwhelmed. Bergamot, neroli, ylang ylang, and sage help you relax and reset so you can take on the day. And now that you are falling back into a routine try incorporating essential oils into your daily yoga practice. The simple addition of aromatherapy will transform your mood and focus.

Prioritize health and hydration

When it comes to our bodies, everything is linked. That's why living a healthy lifestyle with nutritious foods, low stress, adequate sleep, and lots of H2o is key to feeling and looking your best.

Support your body through the cooler months with an anti-inflammatory diet that includes wild-caught fish, leafy greens, nonstarchy vegetables, berries, healthy fats like avocado, raw nuts and seeds, and cultured and fermented foods that support your gut microbiome.

The last step to your holistically-minded fall skincare routine is staying hydrated. You may drink more water during the summer to keep cool, but you need just as much hydration in fall and winter too. Because of the dry air, it's easy to become dehydrated, which can lead to fatigue and a lowered immune system. We recommend keeping a 32 oz water bottle with you throughout the day and consuming at least two to maintain optimal hydration.

As the seasons shift, your skin type may change with it. You may notice dryness, changes in oiliness, or increased sensitivity. You can prepare your skincare routine for the fall months with a heavier moisturizer, body lotion, and exfoliating products. Don't forget to nourish your skin from the inside out with stress-relieving aromatherapy and plenty of rest.

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