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The Beauty Products That Help you Remove Makeup Without Breaking Out

The Beauty Products That Help you Remove Makeup Without Breaking Out

Makeup is more than just a beauty tool that enhances your appearance. It builds confidence and allows you to express yourself. With the right color lipstick or daring eye look, you feel as though you can conquer the world.

But stubborn makeup can often prevent us from achieving a good cleanse, which is critical to healthy skin. Are you still waking up with breakouts even though there's no doubt you washed your face the night before? Many don't realize that not every cleanser is capable of removing makeup. It takes a specific combination of products and the correct technique to clear every bit of long-wearing and waterproof makeup away from your skin.

But how do you go from glam to glowy? We laid out the best beauty products and the methods to remove makeup, all without a breakout in sight.

Why you should always remove makeup before bed

We've all been there. You arrive home late after a long night, and the last thing you want to do is wash your face when your bed looks so incredibly comfortable. But the long-standing beauty rule is 100% true: It's absolutely critical to thoroughly clean your face before bed.

A good wash will clear your pores and prevent the dreaded breakout from popping up the following morning. Your skin also goes into repair and regeneration mode while you sleep. So, if your pores are clear to breathe during the night, the renewal process is even more effective.

Beyond acne, sleeping in your makeup can cause eye irritation, a dull complexion, and excessive dryness. So here's to making the trek to your bathroom sink. Your skin will surely thank you.

How to remove your makeup

It's best to cleanse not once but twice, to ensure spotless skin. Oil-based cleansers are actually the most effective and gentle way to remove stubborn makeup. Start by applying a layer of our Yunicorn Celestial Jelly Cleanser onto dry skin, then wet your fingertips and watch as the gel transforms into a milky cream.

For your second cleanse, you can either use the same cleanser or opt for a refreshing exfoliation using our Glow with the Flow Face & Body Scrub. The formula eliminates any traces of makeup, along with dry surface cells for a refining and deep clean.

An important thing to remember when removing makeup is never to rush it and take time to allow the products to work as they are intended. You can take the extra time to massage away tension along your jawline or just let the product sit for a minute while the ingredients work their magic. Also, don't forget to wash along your hair, ears, and neck, three areas where many often apply bronzer and forget to cleanse.

Skip the makeup wipes

Makeup removing wipes came onto the beauty scene claiming to solve all our skincare woes in one quick, easy-to-use package. But unfortunately, convenience is just about the only benefit of these single-use towelettes. Dermatologists have revealed that wipes should never replace washing your face with a cleanser and water. And if you must use them on your eyes to get off stubborn makeup, like waterproof mascara, try and avoid the skin on your face and always rinse thoroughly as they can leave behind detergents and alcohol.

Not only are conventional makeup removing wipes harsh on your skin, but also the planet. Millions of pounds of wipes are flushed or thrown out every year and take a staggering 100 years for them to decompose. Thankfully, many brands in the beauty industry are starting to wake up to the climate crisis and have begun offering biodegradable options. Our sustainable Shower Sheets are a great example of a responsible wipe but made for the body.

Another earth-friendly alternative to facial wipes is our Clean Sweep Cleansing Facial Pad. The reusable, washable cloth pairs with your cleanser to safely and sustainably remove dirt and makeup. A choice that both your skin and the planet will be happy with.

Use these beauty products to replenish your skin

Even if you aren't prone to dry skin, everyone needs to replenish the loss of their natural oils after a deep cleanse. We love layering moisturizers to benefit from all the vitamins and essential fatty acids found in natural skincare products.

Start with a light (but powerful) oil like our Zenicure Rejuvenating Facial Oil to rehydrate a parched face and neck. Gently press the oil into freshly clean skin, taking the extra moment to massage away any muscle tightness. The blend of Omega 6 and 3 rich Cannabis oils and Paracress extract calms facial muscles and gives skin a firm, youthful tone.

Next, layer our nourishing Active Calm Firming Moisturizer to lock in hydration. The formula is packed with powerful antioxidants like Edelweiss that will combat the effects of the day, leaving skin firm, soft, and rebalanced. Both natural beauty products contain a blend of essential oils that aid in relaxation and calm the mind after a non-stop day. After all, a good night's sleep will always be the best beauty remedy.

Complete your routine

Sometimes a full face of makeup comes with an indulgent night out. Top off your skincare routine with the ancient Chinese beauty method of jade rolling to help de-puff an evening of delicious food and drink.

Gently move YUNI's Jade Roller across your skin to relax your facial muscles and prepare your mind and body to wind down for the night. Beyond relaxation, jade rollers also help penetrate the beneficial nutrients of your beauty products for maximum absorption.

Lingering makeup and dull skin don't stand a chance with a beauty routine as thorough as this one. With YUNI's makeup removing and rebalancing formulas, you can rest assured you'll wake up with zero hints of a night on the town.


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