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Top 10 Essential Oil Benefits for Travelers

Top 10 Essential Oil Benefits for Travelers

If you have the opportunity in life to travel — do it. Traveling can be a life-changing experience where you can see the world, learn about different cultures, relax, and take a break from reality. But it doesn't come without inconveniences.

It's often said that the journey is better than the destination, but did those same people have to deal with crowded airports and bumpy rides? Traveling can be stressful on our minds and our bodies. Many often experience anxiety, loss of sleep, and motion sickness, to name a few.

Luckily, there are tricks to naturally overcome the common pitfalls of traveling. Here at YUNI, we turn to essential oils to help us relax, improve our sleep, clear our skin, boost our moods, and even more. So, when it comes time to pack our bags, we never forget our trusty collection of essential oils. Whether you are headed out on a road trip or international flight, here are the best essential oils for travel and their health benefits.

Calm your nerves

Traveling pushes us outside of our comfort zones, which helps us see the world from a different perspective and grow as a person. However, with any type of change comes feelings of discomfort. Whether it's turbulence on a plane, communicating in a country with a different language, or just a packed schedule, we love essential oils to help put our minds at ease. One of the top essential oils well known to induce calm is lavender oil. Cedar and bergamot essential oils, found in our Carry Om Stress-Relieving Aromatherapy Essence, are also known to slow the heart rate and promote feelings of relaxation.

Ease jet lag

It's easy to get thrown off when you wake up in another time zone. You feel wired when you should be sleepy and tired when you should feel awake. So, having a collection of essential oils that can either perk you up or calm you down is key to feeling balanced. Sage essential oil, found in our My Om World Aromatherapy Mist, is known for its stimulating aroma, which will help you fight feelings of sleepiness and keep you focused on the day ahead.

Wake up your senses

Transitioning to a new schedule and environment can affect sleep and the motivation to exercise. But, there's no need for coffee with the natural alternative of essential oils to boost your energy. Peppermint essential oil and lemon oil are both invigorating in the mornings and before a workout. With our travel size Rise & Chill Cooling Body Gel, you can get the benefits of the oils plus the added moisturizing and toning effects. Massage onto legs, arms, and chest to wake up your senses.

Sometimes you just need a little refresh on the go. Our Shower Sheets are the ultimate travel essential, featuring peppermint oil to gently reduce bacteria and citrus essential oil to boost energy levels.

Clean your space

Many don't know that various essential oils have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. You can create a simple, all-purpose cleaning solution with a travel-sized spray bottle, water, alcohol-free witch hazel, and a few drops of essential oils. Several studies have shown that cinnamon, eucalyptus, and lemon essential oils inhibit the growth of common pathogens, bacteria, and diseases. Spray the mixture onto surfaces as you go about your expedition, such as at airports, restaurants, washrooms, and bedrooms. You can also use the natural disinfectant as a hand sanitizer. Just make sure it is properly diluted to avoid skin irritation.

Refresh the air

The stale, musty air of hotel rooms will leave you craving a breath of fresh, clean air. If opening a window isn't an option, misting with a room spray or diffusing any citrus essential oil, tea tree oil, or lemongrass oil will freshen up your space and instantly boost your mood. Similar to cleaning surfaces, these oils have been shown to inhibit the growth of airborne bacteria.

Soothe aches and pains

Hotel room beds and uncomfortable plane rides can lead to sore muscles and joint pain. Luckily, you can soothe discomfort and continue your journey in peace with the help of peppermint essential oil. Our travel-friendly Chillax Muscle Recovery Gel combines peppermint oil with arnica and aloe, so you can quickly massage in the cooling formula and be on your way.

Ease motion sickness

Even the best of us get a little queasy sometimes. Boats, planes, or the back of a bus can easily throw anyone off balance, especially after a long day. Thankfully, one of the best essential oils for travel will work its magic to ground you and ease your upset stomach. A few dabs of ginger essential oil can be rubbed onto pressure points at your forehead and wrists for quick, natural relief.

Support digestion

Your digestive system will encounter several new things beyond bumpy rides and twisting roads. And even though exploring the local cuisine is part of the fun of traveling, foods that your body isn't used to can often disrupt the delicate microbiome of your gut. One of our favorite essential oils for digestion is peppermint essential oil. This well-researched oil has been shown to have antispasmodic effects against IBS pain. You can even prevent several food-borne illnesses, like E. coli, with oregano and lemon essential oil, according to this 2019 study.

Relieve congestion and seasonal allergies

New environments mean new exposure to allergens. If you're feeling congestion, you can turn to eucalyptus essential oil to help relieve some of your symptoms. The oil has even been proven to act as a natural cough suppressant. Similarly, a 2006 study found that tea tree, or melaleuca, oil has antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Try putting a few drops of these oils into a steaming hot shower to open your sinuses and boost your immune system naturally. Plus, you'll instantly relax as you bask in the quintessential spa aroma.

Unwind and promote healthy sleep

If you're battling jet lag or having trouble falling asleep in a new environment, there are essential oils to naturally ease your body and mind into rest mode. Try misting a pillow spray across your linens that includes rose, petitgrain, and sage essential oils. If muscles are tense, massage an essential oil infused lotion into tight areas, paired with deep breathing.

Essential oils can be incredibly beneficial as you travel and encounter new and exciting environments. But just a reminder, before applying essential oils topically, make sure to dilute them in a carrier oil such as olive oil or fractionated coconut oil.

Where are you traveling to next? Before you pack your bags, make sure you're prepared with your YUNI travel essentials!

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