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What Are Body Mists and How to Use Them

What Are Body Mists and How to Use Them

Do you remember the first time you used a fragrance? Most likely, it was in the form of a body mist. They are a great introduction into the world of aroma because they are gentle enough for people of all ages. But body mists have done some growing up over the years. The best formulas now contain skin-loving ingredients, natural hydration, and essential oils. These days, body mists are a staple in the collections of fragrance connoisseurs and wellness gurus alike.

Body mists offer a subtle aroma compared to traditional perfumes, which is perfect for those who are sensitive to scent. The light mist allows you to easily control your aroma's strength. Even if scent sensitivity isn't a personal issue, many don't want to smell overpowering to respect those around us.

Even more, body mists using natural essential oils provide aromatherapy benefits ranging from feelings of relaxation to boosts in energy depending on the formula. You can create the atmosphere of your choice based on the time of day, your workout, or your mood. Body mists are an excellent way to take advantage of aromatherapy's many benefits.

So, it's clear that body mists are a fantastic way to enhance your day-to-day. But where to begin? And how do you use body mists? The wellness experts at YUNI Beauty share their favorite ways to use aromatic body mists and how they differ from your typical perfumes.

What is the difference between body mist and Eau de parfum?

Body mists and Eau de parfums are both vehicles to deliver aroma. The main difference between the two is that Eau de parfum, or perfume, is highly concentrated in fragrance oils, whereas body mists are lighter and less concentrated. Because of this, the way you apply body mists and perfumes will also differ. You can spray body mists all over the skin, on clothes, hair, and even around the home. But perfumes are best applied to pulse points on the wrists and neck.

Since body mists are meant to be spritzed across the body, the water-based formulas often have added moisturizing oils, which keep your skin hydrated and happy. On the other hand, perfumes have higher levels of alcohol to diffuse the fragrance, along with a trace of water.

Perfumes have a singular purpose: to scent the body. But body mists have a variety of wonderful scent-filled uses. Read on to discover our favorite ways to use body mists.

6 ways to use body mists

We love body mists for their subtle aroma and gentle formulas. But there are many more ways to use body mists than what first meets the eye. Whether you scent your linens or harness the many aromatherapy benefits, you're sure to discover more than one way to use an aromatic body mist from our list below.

  1. Lightly moisturize skin. A body mist is a beautiful way to lightly moisturize your skin. The best mists contain plant-based moisturizers like aloe vera and kukui seed oil. Hawaii's favorite kukui seed oil has soothing essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins that protect and nourish the skin. Aloe vera works wonders on parched and sunburned skin to calm irritation and inflammation.
  2. Refresh and control odor. Gentle fragrance mists are excellent alternatives to your typical roll-on deodorants. Spritz your armpits, neck, and chest for a subtle scent that lasts for hours. Look for natural ingredients like green tea and neem extracts that help reduce odor-causing bacteria on the skin. Use before or after your workouts or as a pick-me-up on hot days.
  3. Use as a clean alternative to traditional fragrance. The ingredient "fragrance" is not regulated by the FDA. So, many typical perfume companies that use synthetic fragrances get away with using toxic ingredients that can harm our health. Dozens of chemicals can be hidden in fragrances like petroleum-based ingredients, endocrine-disrupting phthalates, or even carcinogens like benzophenone and styrene. Thankfully, smelling pretty doesn't have to be toxic because responsible brands will never hide chemicals behind the word “fragrance.” Body mists using natural and adequately diluted essential oils are a safe and healthy alternative to synthetic perfumes.
  4. Relax with the benefits of aromatherapy. Not all body mists use essential oils in their formulas, but the ones that do are a wonderful way to introduce aromatherapy into your self-care routines. Studies show that essential oils can reduce stress and anxiety and decrease cortisol levels. If you're not ready to buy a set of essential oils, try an aroma body mist to help you relax.
  5. Use as a home and linen spray. Why stop at your skin when it comes to enjoying your favorite scents? Spritz your aroma mist around your home or in hotel rooms to refresh the space. Or mist across bed linens to promote relaxation before bedtime.
  6. Incorporate body mists into your yoga practice. Introducing essential oils into your yoga practice is a game changer. Mist your mat and your body before a workout to enhance your practice or afterward for a refreshing pick-me-up. When you need extra support throughout the day, turn to the same body mist to recall your peaceful moments on the mat.

The essential body mist for an active lifestyle

When you are constantly on the go traveling or running from one activity to the next, staying fresh can be a challenge. Travel-sized skin and body care products made from natural and organic ingredients are your best friends when life never seems to slow down.

Our My Om World Aromatic Body Mist is a simple way to control odor, feel fresh, and calm your nerves — all with a few spritzes. A unique blend of geranium, bergamot, neroli, and sage essential oils bring about feelings of calm and comfort. Organic kukui seed oil and aloe vera lightly moisturize the skin, and fair trade green tea extract eliminates bacteria.

We recommend keeping your bottle in the fridge or a cooler for an icy refresh after a challenging workout or on a hot summer day. Rehydrating by drinking water is essential, but a cold spritz will lower your body temperature back to normal even quicker — all while calming your heart rate and skin.

YUNI customer, Mary, calls her My Om World Mist her "Happy place fragrance." Another reviewer shared, "This mist smells so good! I spray it on before exercising, and it works wonders! It gives the most pleasant aroma when exercising and sweating. Working from home with little kids, I have to squeeze in my workouts whenever I can and can't always shower right after. A few spritzes of this masks any post-workout unpleasantness until I have time to shower. Definitely recommend!"

Complete your aromatherapy collection

Body mists are a great introduction to the vast world of aromatherapy. One easy spritz, and you can find calm during times of stress or a boost in energy when your mood feels low. But why stop there? YUNI offers a range of aromatherapy products that enhance your workouts, relieve anxiety, and help you sleep.

According to the CDC, 70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep problems. So chances are, you or someone you know could benefit from a natural sleep aid. YUNI's Tranquility Pillow Spray is formulated with sage, rose, and petitgrain essential oils known to calm and prepare the mind and body for sleep. Mist the pillow spray over pillows and sheets, lay down, close your eyes, and breathe deeply until you fall asleep.

Our Pocket Savasana Aroma Concentrate is an excellent companion to YUNI's My Om World Body Mist. Jojoba, sweet almond, and kukui seed oils blend with bergamot, neroli, sage, and ylang ylang essential oils to soothe and ground you. The roll-on oil was created to bring you back to moments of relaxation whenever you are feeling stressed. Apply your Pocket Savasana under your nose and temples during savasana or your most relaxing moments, and breathe in the aroma. To recall the calming sensation later, rub the concentrate into pulse points.

Body mists offer a subtle scent that can boost your mood, refresh your skin, and help you relax. They offer a variety of uses beyond just a pleasant aroma, especially if the formula uses essential oils as opposed to synthetic fragrance. YUNI Beauty believes that aromatherapy is self-care and should be simple to incorporate into your daily life. Our body mists and roll-on concentrates are an amazing way to begin your journey to better health.

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