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YUNI Natural Skin Care Products | Road-Tested Companion

YUNI Natural Skin Care Products | Road-Tested Companion


Travel, especially during the holidays, may challenge a Yogi’s inner peace. Increased security at airports means not only potentially stressful interactions with airport personnel, but also longer lines and generalized public anxiety. This is, in fact, a sublime opportunity to truly share your Yoga Moment off the mat, and let the wisdom you’ve gained through your practice shine a bit of radiance on what can turn into a sticky situation.

When we say sticky, we sometimes do mean it literally. Missed connections and delayed flights may mean many hours without the comfort of a shower, a fresh towel, an inviting bed, and many of us spend a day or so in our clothes, feeling a bit, well, sticky. The Journey was never meant to be sanitized, after all. This is why we focus on The Goodness with handy travel-sizes in several of our key products, to keep your perspective—and—your body fresh. Eco packaging meets current airline regulations for carry-on, and will fit neatly into the slimmest case or bag.

Our natural and organic skin care products are created with Seekers of Good in mind. People who carry their Yoga Glow with them, even when the going gets a little tough. Flight stuck because of weather? No problem. Watching the pristine snow drift past the window isn’t something you experience in Los Angeles, or Miami, or lots of places. After twelve hours in transit, feeling a bit funky in a mammalian way, when you finally deplane in Minneapolis or Mumbai? No problem—YUNI has all the clever, portable and effective solutions you need for a more blissful journey!


Shower Sheets (soft, large biodegradable & alcohol-free body wipes), an essential to instantly cleanse on-the-go. With natural anti-bacterial neem, peppermint & citrus, it’s a treat for skin & senses.

Aromatic Body Mist refreshes your skin with natural essential oils and also is a pleasant experience for those lucky people seated oh-so-close to you in the cabin

Rejuvenating Hand Crème is a must, since cabin-humidity is always low, and hands become parched claws.


…airport bathrooms are typically roomy. This is an opportunity to choose a stall, and basically strip down and have at it. Our  No-Rinse Body Cleansing Foam instantly fluffs away sweat, stink and impurities, even when there isn’t a shower for miles. Pat on  Hydrating Body Conditioner so your dehydrated body will feel more supple, alive and responsive.

And pack these high-flying treats in our durable, linen toiletries bag with a spirited green, teal, orange or purple piping and zipper. These products, incidentally, are also intended for Yogis to enjoy in the hotel room at your destination. Although hotels generally do supply amenities, only YUNI offers natural body products, paraben-free and cruelty-free, for you to enjoy and feel that Yoga Glow, even in an austere Motel 6 in Nebraska.

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