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Healthy Skin This Fall

Healthy Skin This Fall

As the weather becomes cooler and drier with the changing season, it’s important to keep the skin hydrated. When the skin is dehydrated it can become itchy, dry and lackluster. Our skin is our largest organ and our first line of defense, so we must keep it healthy. YUNI’s natural and organic skincare will help keep the skin hydrated, supple & in peak condition.

After showering off, apply YUNI’s  Hydrating Body Conditioner while the body is warm and still slightly damp. The moisturizer quickly absorbs into the skin making it easy to put on clothes right after. The organic Baobab Oil creates a lightweight protective barrier between the skin and the outside elements. Your soft skin doesn’t need to compromise with the weather. This light replenishing moisturizer is made with 100% natural aromas including orange, bergamot and ylang ylang, so the scent won’t disturb the person practicing next to you in class.

To keep your skin smooth throughout the day, have  YUNI’s Travel Size Rejuvenating Hand Crème handy in your purse or at your desk. Our hands are constantly exposed to the outside elements, which makes them dry and prone to age faster. This travel beauty product will soften hands, dry cuticles and calluses, without that waxy or greasy feeling. It’s made with fair trade Green Tea Extract, a natural antioxidant, Shea Butter and Aloe Vera, which work in synergy to keep your hands looking healthy & youthful.

In order for our skin to protect us, we must help protect it. YUNI’s natural beauty products moisturize and soften the body, creating a healthy line of defense against the elements.

Natalie Zimmerman is a writer, blogger and 200 hour RYT yoga teacher trained by YogaWorks. She's the co-founder of Creativity Flow Yoga, where students learn to explore their creative side with the practice of yoga, meditation and journaling. 

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