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From sourcing natural ingredients to mindful packaging choices, YUNI’s commitment to sustainability extends across our entire supply chain. 

We hope together we can make the beauty space a more eco-friendly place and inspire others to do the same in every aspect of their lives, starting with self-care.


We meticulously select ingredients known not only for their unique properties, but also for their ethical origins. Prioritizing organic, sustainable, and fair-trade options whenever feasible, we partner with conscientious growers who prioritize eco-friendly cultivation and harvesting methods. Despite the challenges, we believe in the quality and karma of our choices. 

We've also established strict guidelines, avoiding potential irritants and toxins while exclusively sourcing vegan and cruelty-free ingredients.


We want to leave you with a glow and goodness, and we don’t need a lot of paper, plastic, ink, or excessive packaging to do it. So we’ve kept the wrappings minimal, but modern and beautiful. Our formulas are concentrated, so our containers are smaller. In our case, bigger is not better, and less is truly more. Utilizing Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified recycled paper and soy ink for all product cartons, we ensure our packaging leaves a lighter footprint on the planet.


Our best-selling Shower Sheets are revolutionizing the disposable cleansing wipe industry. Unlike traditional wipes that can take up to 100 years to decompose, our Shower Sheets feature biodegradable plant fibers, including LENZING™ Viscose sourced from certified sustainable forestry. Independently verified by Organic Waste Systems (OWS), our viscose fibers biodegrade in all natural and industrial environments, from soil to marine water.


In partnership with Pact Collective, we're tackling the beauty industry's packaging waste head-on. Recognizing that only a fraction of beauty packaging gets recycled due to size and mixed materials, Pact encourages collective action toward circular beauty solutions. Join us in taking responsibility for our environmental impact and embracing a more sustainable future for beauty.

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