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Holiday Skin Care Gift Ideas and Body Care Guide

Holiday Skin Care Gift Ideas and Body Care Guide

Need ideas for the holiday season? A curated gift box filled with clean skin care and body care from YUNI is suitable for virtually everyone on your list. Whether you're searching for gifts for your beauty-fanatic sister, no-nonsense dad, or yogi best friend, YUNI has the perfect present for you.

Take a peek at our guide. You'll find innovative products that help you save time between activities, support better sleep, and destress. Who doesn't need help with at least one of these? And the best part is YUNI checks every clean beauty and eco-friendly box, making each formula safe for your body and the planet.

We have curated gift sets, pocket-sized stocking stuffers, and our best sellers, all laid out by recipients, to make your shopping a breeze this year. These gifts are so good you'll be tempted to snag a few for yourself.

For the traveler

We all have that friend who can't stay in one place for too long. When the feeling of wanderlust kicks in, they just can't help packing their bags for the airport or a weekend road trip. Give them the gift of the travel essentials they never knew they needed.

YUNI's Beauty On The Run Travel Kit isn't your typical set of mini toiletries. This kit will keep you feeling refreshed and calm and your skin hydrated while you're on the go.

Each sustainably-sourced cotton bag contains three Shower Sheets and a Flash Bath Body Cleansing Foam so you can refresh and eliminate odors when a shower is not an option. There's also a travel-sized Count to Zen Hand and Body Crème and My Om World Aromatherapy Body Mist to bring you calm wherever you go.

For the minimalist

There are those who love a stocked skincare cabinet and those who prefer only to have the bare minimum. The best skincare gifts for the unfussy friend are versatile enough to wear year-round and on any skin type.

YUNI believes that simple yet effective, multipurpose skincare products allow you to get on with your life and return to your passions. You won't find anything extra here. Our collection only has what you need for beautiful skin, so you can save time while restoring your health.

When it comes to the basics, a simple skincare routine needs two things: a cleanser and a lotion. Multitaskers will love using the Glow With The Flow Face and Body Scrub in the shower to cleanse and refine skin from head to toe. The polish feels satisfying, but the intoxicating aroma is what will keep them turning to this exfoliating cleanser day after day.

Complete the minimalist skincare basket with Active Calm Firming Facial Moisturizer. This creamy lotion absorbs quickly and keeps you hydrated all day. Powerful antioxidants, green tea, and turmeric extracts protect skin by fighting off free radicals and edelweiss plant stem cells firm and plump.

For the one who does it all

It feels like everyone is busy these days, but we all know a few people who try and do it all. They juggle a busy work and family schedule while always saying 'yes' to social activities. But it can be hard to wind down at night after a nonstop day of go, go, go.

Give the gift of rest with YUNI's Wind Down Wonders gift set. This holistic sleep kit contains our aromatherapy Tranquility Pillow Spray, stress-reducing Slumber Oral Spray, melatonin and ashwagandha infused Bedtime Body Essence, and our Bakuchiol + Biotic overnight skin serum. With a cute cotton pouch, this is a perfectly packaged and thoughtful gift for your hard-working friends and family.

For the adventure seeker

Do you have a loved one who spends each weekend searching for their next thrill? Whether hiking the next trail on their bucket list, cycling across the state, or road-tripping to a festival, we have the perfect stocking stuffer for them. With 200 5-star reviews, our Shower Sheets have proven to be a reliable way to freshen up when you're on the move. They are individually packaged and filled with natural ingredients like neem, aloe, and peppermint essential oil. Plus, Shower Sheets are biodegradable, so there's no guilt with gifting these wipes.

If your favorite adventure seeker takes their passions seriously, they may need some help with recovery. Add the arnica-infused Chillax Muscle Recovery Gel to their stocking to soothe and cool their sore muscles so they can get back to their adventures quicker.

For the beauty lover

This friend knows the latest trends in beauty, and they never skip their nightly skincare routine. Why not put together a skincare basket from YUNI that they will swoon over?

The trending ingredient bakuchiol, a plant-based alternative to retinol, is in our Sleepy Beauty Bakuchiol and Biotic Serum. Apply before bed and wake up to plump, smoothed skin without any irritating side effects.

Tell your friends they are the light of your life with our Light Seeker Glow Face Oil. This weightless oil is a staple in every beauty connoisseur's regimen because of its silky soft finish and glowing benefits. The antioxidant and vitamin-packed ingredients include organic jojoba oil, organic marula oil, and rose flower extract help minimize free radical damage and signs of aging.

For the yogi

YUNI products seamlessly intertwine into active lifestyles. Yogis who practice in the comforts of their home, with a group at a studio, or even instructors have specific skincare and body care needs. They require convenient products that sweep away sweat and odors and moisturize the skin.

Aromatherapy also plays a significant role in enhancing the life of a yogi. Essential oils like geranium, bergamot, neroli, and sage in My Om World Aromatic Body Mist relax your senses, prepping the mind and body for a deeper practice. The fine mist is also wonderful post-hot yoga to cool down the body and help you freshen up. It even comes in a handy travel size, perfect for a stocking stuffer, so your favorite yogis can bring aromatherapy wherever they go.

For the full sensory experience, make sure to include our Pocket Savasana Balance Aroma Concentrate. Nothing is more peaceful than a deep yoga practice. Recall this bliss using the calming blend of bergamot, neroli, sage, and ylang-ylang found in our roll-on aroma concentrate. And if the holidays are becoming a bit overwhelming, add another bottle for yourself.

For the environmental advocate

Vegan, cruelty-free, fair trade, organic, and palm oil-free are all amazing ways to protect our environment and the precious animals that live among us. And by using YUNI Beauty, you are caring not only for the planet's health but for yourself too.

All of our products are sourced with the highest quality, natural, and non-toxic ingredients so you and your loved ones can feel at ease incorporating them into your lifestyle.

Everyone needs body care, especially during the dry winter months. How about creating an eco-friendly self-care package? Start with Count To Zen Rejuvenating Body Creme, YUNI's everyday moisturizer that quickly restores moisture loss and calms your senses.

Tackle super dry areas and add a glow with our Gliding Light Multipurpose Beauty Balm. This luxurious balm moisturizes and lights up skin with a rich cocktail of shea butter, organic kukui seed oil, organic jojoba oil, and naturally shimmering mica. Apply all over dry skin, legs, and arms, or use as a highlighter on shoulders and cheeks.

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