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Packing Simple: Travel Packing Tips & Tricks for Your Next Vacation

Packing Simple: Travel Packing Tips & Tricks for Your Next Vacation

It’s always exciting to start planning the details of a well-deserved vacation, but many times we forget some of the most important essentials: our toiletries! At YUNI, we’re all about making sure you travel feeling refreshed — no matter how many hours you’ve been on the road. To keep your skin, hair, and mind feeling great, read on for a few travel packing tips and tricks.

Consider Your Destination

Before you even begin packing, start by considering where you’re going. Everything from the location to the amenities that will be provided, is essential information. If you’re planning a cruise through the Caribbean, you’ll always have plenty of shampoos, conditioners, and lotions stocked by the cleaning crew, but if you’re thinking of a trek through the Himalayas, you’ll definitely need to pack your own toiletries. 

How Long Will You Be Away

There is a huge difference between what to pack for a day trip and how to pack light for a long trip. You must consider how long your trip will be — two days, a week, or months. For weekend trips, our YUNI travelers love bringing along  portable essentials from our collection, while longer days away may require you to bring full sized bottles.

Long Days Out and About

Once you’ve figured out where you’re going and for how long, you should also think about your day to day activities. Are you planning on spending hours exploring the catacombs of Paris? Will you be lounging by the Mirage pool your whole stay? Or, are you planning on thrill-seeking adventures in remote parts of Asia?

You may not have considered this, but if you spend your days getting hot and sweaty while exploring a city, having some essential oil body spray,  single pack body wipes, or muscle recovery gel is the perfect way to recharge when you get tired, especially if you know you’ll be away from your room for extended periods of time. Carrying miniature, or single use items, is a great idea!

If you’re not the adventurous type and prefer to stay close to your hotel, you probably won’t need to carry any essentials with you at all times, but having a little sunscreen infused moisturizer will keep you protected when you spend your day in the sun. Otherwise, you can simply leave all your toiletries in your room.

Make a List You Can Commit To

Making a list is one of the most important travel packing tips and tricks. It ensures you pack everything you need for your trip, and it’s critical for people with any special requirements. Check off each item as it's packed for worry free traveling. Otherwise, you may end up toting 10 pairs of shorts that you never touch, while scrambling to find your favorite face serum.

People with sensitive skin should always make a list of their cosmetics, as hotel toiletries can sometimes cause adverse reactions. Don’t rely on the questionable quality of hotels, motels, or hostels — take control when you pack your own travel kits and accessories.

Don’t Underestimate Your Mindset

An important travel packing tip or trick is that you never underestimate how your mindset will affect your trip. Heat, exhaustion, and pain can make you irritable and less likely to enjoy your vacation. You can minimize any mood killing moments by carrying the products you currently use in your calm moments.

When you’ve completed a yoga class or finished a meditation, are there any products you use while your mind is still in an open, zen state? If you’ve used them for long enough, just the scent of them can help you regain a balanced mood in any situation. Our favorite scent to use is the Aromatic Body Mist, as it’s full of soothing geranium, bergamot, neroli, and sage oils. Just a spritz during a stressful moment can ground you and bring you back to the present.

More Helpful Travel Packing Tips and Tricks

Shower Free Essentials

If you already know you’ll need to carry basic toiletries with you at all times, explore lightweight cleansing items that fit in your purse or backpack. Make sure you can freshen up any time with some of YUNI’s shower-free essentials like our shower sheets for your body or our roll on Carry OM for your mind.

Use Suitcase Corners for Smaller Items

Another helpful travel packing tip and trick is to utilize every area of your suitcase to store your toiletry essentials. Eliminating extra bags is important if you want to learn how to pack light for a long trip. Tuck your smaller bottles and jars, as well as your toiletry bag into your suitcase’s edges or in its corners. There is plenty of unused room there and the items will act as a buffer for your clothing. Just remember, when packing your beauty products, be sure they are placed in Ziploc bags to avoid leakage.

Unpack Immediately

If you’ve crammed everything you need for your vacation in one or two bags, unpacking immediately allows you to redistribute your personal items where you need them. Place the toiletries you need with you during the day in your purse, and populate the bathroom with your soaps, so that you can shower at any time — without having to search your room beforehand.

Make it Simple

If you’re planning on taking any trips this summer, and you find packing your beauty essentials to be a frustrating dilemma, simply use this guide for some top travel packing tips and tricks. Our advice will ensure you never forget anything behind, everything you need will fit in your bag, and that you always have the perfect product for every scenario!

Travel Tip!: If you’re truly in doubt about what you need to bring for your next trip, don’t forget to bring your favorite Bob Marley shirt! Music brings everyone together, and you’ll be surprised how this particular artist brings a smile to just about everyone’s face.

For your beauty products, make sure to explore our travel collections today for ready-made kits that keep you refreshed on the go!

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