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Party on with the Yoga Glow!

Party on with the Yoga Glow!

Party on with the Yoga Glow!


The holidays bring good food, good drink, good times, and the promise of new beginnings for the new year. It’s the perfect time to celebrate the festive season, and the opportunity to cherish all of our loved ones by the glow of candles, the radiant warmth of cozy fireplace, or bathed in the flash of a twirling disco ball on the dance floor as we ring in 2016. Cheers!

And, can we just say “stress”? Not to Scrooge out on something lovely, but the holidays can make even the calmest Yogi’s heart start to race. End-of-the-year pressure at work, last-minute travel plans! Uninvited (but always welcome) house-guests, lost luggage, wild winter weather, airport traffic! Miles of hopelessly tangled Christmas lights, too much eggnog, no parking spots at the mall! Burned gingerbread cookies, sudden sniffles, lost mittens! All this may threaten the joyfulness of the season. To the rescue: YUNI Beauty!

To help you stay in the true holiday spirit, we’ve created mood-enhancing, natural health & beauty products for skin beauty and gorgeously healthy hair, and using them engages your senses for anchoring moments in the journey. These high-performing, green beauty products were developed by Yogis, for Yogis, to prolong the Yoga glow, long after you’ve rolled up your mat. Our signature aromas, along with organic ingredients including Buriti Oil, Green Tea, Turmeric, Edelweiss plant cells, Argan and Kukui Oils, are the basis of our  natural skin care products collection designed especially for Seekers of Good, just like you. We recommend that, no matter what, you do make time for your Yoga practice. Also, take care to keep your body replenished by drinking enough water (we also recommend herbal tea and cold pressed juices). But even if you have to skip a Yoga session, YUNI  Active Calm Face Serum, Active Calm Face Moisturizer and Microveil Hair Treatment will keep your skin and hair looking and feeling healthy, and embrace you with the deliciousness of our natural skin perfumes.

Stress often leads to dehydration and disruptions of the skin’s basic metabolism. This may lead to dryness and congestion especially in the T-zone, and even outbreaks of blemishes. Add to the mix: drastically low humidity which accompanies winter’s drop in temperature (unless you spend your winters in Tahiti!). With these changes in mind, we created two high-performing products for the face, YUNI Serum and Moisturizer. Use twice daily after cleansing, to protect skin in harsh winter winds and low-humidity indoor settings. These natural skincare formulas just melt into skin to soften, firm and treat fine lines and wrinkles. Our Microveil Hair Treatment treats your hair while you work out and is a must-have for anyone who loves multi-tasking beauty products (it makes a great gift, by the way). We like to mist the dry oil over the hair, then braid and secure the hair during a workout. Natural body heat activates (try a silk scarf over the hair for extra heating) and infuses locks with the healing properties of organic Kukui and Argan Oils to leave hair conditioned without feeling greasy or weighing down hair. And the botanical perfume aroma is heavenly.

This holiday season, and long after you’ve put away the ribbons and wrapping paper, enjoy YUNI all-natural skin care and fair trade beauty products, for yourself and everyone on your list.

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