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Plane Exercises and Other Yoga for Travel

Plane Exercises and Other Yoga for Travel

With summer here, many of us will probably take the opportunity to travel. Unfortunately, since many people build their yoga routine around studio classes, a disruption in our schedule can cause us to forget our daily practice. This is detrimental since practice is only firmly grounded when practiced for a long duration and without breaks. So, how does one continue yoga practice while traveling? Read on for some creative ideas to incorporate yoga for travel.

Always Come Prepared

Pack Yoga Clothes

Always pack an asana outfit to inspire you to sneak in some yoga practice whenever and wherever you can. The new high-tech fabrics breathe and are even comfortable enough to double as travel clothes. They are also easily washed in a hotel sink.

Buy a Traveling Yoga Mat

There are yoga mats that are specifically designed for traveling yoga and they can easily fit in backpacks or carry-ons. Because of their flexibility, lack of cushioning may be an issue, but it is still better to have a clean surface to practice on, rather than the floor or ground.

Practice in Different Places

Bed Yoga

Perhaps you actually forgot your mat. Don’t let that hold you back. You can easily use the bed in your hotel. Just bring each knee up to your chest to balance out your hips. You can also try a few of the seated variations of the child's pose, sufi grind, and cat – cow pose. This will release the tension placed on your back and hips from walking around and seeing the sights.

Practice in Public or Outside

It can actually be quite liberating to practice yoga in public. In the airport, on a layover, or even at a rest stop alongside the highway, try to practice a bit of yoga and meditation to stay centered on trips. You should also consider practicing outside in the open air. Your senses will flourish with all the smells, sounds, and sensations around you.

If you choose to sneak in a bit of physical yoga this way, chances are you won't get a chance to take a quick shower. However, a great new product takes care of that problem. Shower Sheets by YUNI Beauty are oversized, waterless body wipes that you can use to deodorize, cleanse, and refresh yourself after any workout or practice when taking a shower is not an option.

Find a Class in the Area

With the advent of Google, all it takes is a couple clicks to find a yoga class or a guided meditation taking place where you staying. Learning from a new instructor can actually help you to expand your personal yoga practice.

Train, Bus, and Plane Exercises

While traveling brings forth many new and positive experiences, the part where we are sandwiched between strangers for hours on end while in transit is not really one of them. Besides feeling cramped, sitting for long periods has been said to be as dangerous as smoking. A bit of yoga on airplanes, trains, and buses can bring about enormous relief.

Benefits of Yoga on Airplanes

Plane exercises bring blood circulation back to your legs, head, and any other body parts that have fallen asleep. They also relax the mind, decrease anxiety, and soothe the nervous system, which is a blessing for those who are afraid to fly. These plane exercises also relieve the pain and tension acquired in the muscles after sitting in the same position for a long period of time, so they are ideal for long car, bus, and train rides as well.

In-Transit Yoga Poses

You can try the following poses to open up hip flexors, relieve an aching back, or complete some yoga practice on the go:

Thigh Lifts

Do this simple plane exercise while your back is straight. Take up one leg at a time and act as if you are lifting your mid-thigh towards the ceiling, pulling your navel back in your seat. A variation is to do this pose with both legs simultaneously while holding the sides of your seat to anchor yourself. This is good for both the legs and the core.

Seated Spinal Rolls

Let your chest puff forward while you roll forward on your hips, then back towards your pelvis. Do this while moving your spine back and forth, curling all the way to your head. However, as with all plane exercises, you should be careful not to injure your neck.

Ankle Rolls

Roll your ankles in circular motions to both the left and right while stretching the adjoining leg in front of you. Also, try pointing and flexing your feet to really get the circulation flowing.

Meditation and Other Asana Practices

Let's say that you had no choice but to skip yoga practice for a day. Your first response may be to feel guilty, but that is not in line with the practice. Instead, practice gratitude for the day. Just walk around as you travel and repeat, “thank you for this day,” as you smile. The attitude of gratitude is yoga in itself.

Remember, yoga is more than just one asana. Your practice should include pranayama, restoratives, meditation, and rituals that help you facilitate svadhyaya, or self-study, and summon santosha, or contentment.

Meditation Amidst Noise

Meditation is depicted in popular culture as an activity that takes place in total peace and quiet away from the bustle of everyday life, but the truth is that you can meditate anywhere. If you are traveling, you may not have a chance to find a serene spot to practice mindfulness techniques, so the Pocket Savasa from YUNI could really help you out. It assists you in recalling the sensations of Savasana and narrows your focus while meditating.

Remember, meditation is nothing more than experimenting with your attention, focus, and perception. This means that, in a perfect scenario, noise should not matter. Like negative thoughts, one should become aware of outside noise, acknowledge it, and let it go peacefully. Eventually, you will transcend the noise and it will not bother you.

Yogis say that what is resisted, shall persist, so by fighting against the distraction, you are only giving it mental power over you. However, if you are new to meditation practice, toting along a pair of noise-canceling headphones won't hurt.

Practice Anywhere

With a bit of planning and commitment, you should be able to take your asana practices with you no matter where you travel. Just remember that yoga can be found in so many more places than on a traditional mat in your local studio. Whether you are stretching on your bed, or conducting plane exercises, traveling yoga is a collection of skills and practices that you can bring with you almost anywhere.

If you’re interested in bringing more yoga and meditation into your life, explore other YUNI blogs that will help guide you in the right direction.

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