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Why You Should Try Aromatherapy Today to Help With Stress

Why You Should Try Aromatherapy Today to Help With Stress

21st-century living has us constantly moving and consuming information. Staying tapped in and always rushing through life leaves our bodies and brains exhausted at the end of each day. Taking news and social media breaks can help, but ultimately there's no escaping stress, whether it's from work, family, relationships, or our environment. It follows us everywhere.

But knowing that stress is inevitable can help you prepare for it occurring in the future. It's important to find ways to manage stress to stay happy and grounded. That way, when life becomes too much and the world feels uncertain, you have the tools handy to move through the moment and come out relaxed on the other side.

With 84% of Americans feeling stressed at least once a week, according to a 2022 ValuePenguin survey, it's clear we need attainable ways to deal with life's worries. But it can be challenging to find easy stress-relieving solutions that are also healthy and natural.

Introducing: aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is a simple and portable way to redirect our minds away from stressful situations. When paired with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and counseling, many holistically minded individuals see positive benefits from aromatherapy.

But how do you try aromatherapy at home? And more importantly, does it actually help with stress? The experts at YUNI dive into aromatherapy and everything you need to know about using essential oils for stress.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are chemical compounds extracted from plants. They are concentrated hydrophobic liquids, also called volatile or ethereal oils, or simply put, they are the essence of a plant in the form of an oil.

Essential oils are created by steaming or pressing various parts of a plant (flowers, bark, leaves, or fruit) to extract the compounds responsible for scent. Each highly concentrated bottle of essential oil requires several pounds of plant material. Essential oils are often used for aromatherapy purposes but also have therapeutic properties.

YUNI's essential oils are extracted through a unique process known as "slow infusion," which separates the natural oils from herbs, flowers, and other natural and fair trade ingredients used in our aroma products.

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is an ancient practice that utilizes essential oils to treat health issues and promote relaxation and overall well-being. The origins of essential oil use date back to ancient Egypt and Greece, where civilizations used aroma oil in perfume, medicine, and cosmetics.

Even though it's been used as a natural remedy for centuries, aromatherapy is now one of the fastest-growing forms of alternative medicine. More individuals are turning to natural treatments instead of prescription drugs to treat their health issues. Even though published studies are lacking, more scientific and clinical research is being conducted worldwide every year.

How do essential oils relieve stress?

The ritual of inhaling essential oils naturally boosts health and well-being by altering brain waves and behavior. Your olfactory system directly interacts with the chemicals in your brain that process emotion.

Even though aromatherapy is considered alternative medicine, preliminary studies on the effectiveness of essential oils have been promising. The most widely studied use of essential oils is for stress relief and stress-related issues. This study found that aromatherapy decreases cortisol levels, also known as "the stress hormone." And when paired with massage, aromatherapy can benefit symptoms of anxiety, depression, and mental fatigue says this publication.

Beyond studies, it's also commonly known that what we smell can affect our moods. Think about your mom's homemade cookies right out of the oven or the smell of your favorite flower on a spring day. There's no denying your favorite scents can make you feel happy and calm.

Aromatherapy is a mix of finding what scents work for you while considering the evidence. Certain essential oils reduce stress for most people, but scent is personal, and if an aroma is unpleasant to you, there are hundreds more to choose from.

The best essential oils for stress

Certain essential oils promote relaxation and relieve anxiety. The oils below all have studies to support the effectiveness of their stress-relieving properties.

  • Lavender oil. The most well-known and studied essential oil for stress is lavender oil. Research has found that it relieves symptoms of stress, poor sleep, and even tension headaches. According to this study, the component linalool found in lavender has a sedative effect that may help reduce symptoms of anxiety.
  • Ylang ylang oil. Extracted from the fresh flowers of the ylang-ylang tree in the rainforests of Asian and South Pacific islands, this oil is a treat for the nervous system. Ylang-ylang oil is known to lower blood pressure and act as a sedative.
  • Neroli oil. Neroli offers a sweet scent from the essence of the bitter orange tree. It's known to boost the mood and relieve anxiety. Plus, neroli oil can be used to soothe irritated skin and blemishes.
  • Bergamot essential oil. Bergamot orange is a citrus plant cultivated primarily in Italy. The oil from this fruited plant is known to reduce stress and bring about feelings of calm and contentment, according to this study.
  • Grapefruit and orange essential oils. Citrus extracts can improve mood and energy, which counteracts symptoms of anxiety and sadness.

YUNI's convenient essential oil blends

YUNI's collection of aromatherapy blends utilizes 100% natural essential oils. Our unique scent combinations are created to help relieve stress, boost your mood, and help ease you to sleep. Try the products below after a long day at work, during your yoga session, or at any moment you need a bit of calm and joy.

  • My Om World Aromatic Body Mist. This body mist blends geranium, bergamot, neroli, and sage with water and plant-based moisturizers to uplift the senses and hydrate the skin. Shift your energy and the spaces around you with a fine, uplifting mist.
  • Pocket Savasana Balance Aroma Concentrate. This aroma oil concentrate blends the calming essential oils of bergamot, neroli, sage, and ylang ylang into one easy-to-use roll-on. Bring the pocket-sized bottle to your next yoga practice and apply it to your temples during savasana. The next time stress hits, roll your Pocket Savasana onto pulse points to revisit your most profound moments of relaxation.
  • Carry Om Stress-Relieving Aromatherapy Essence. Another wonderfully portable roll-on concentrate from YUNI featuring bergamot, grapefruit, orange, and cedar essential oils infused in skin-loving sweet almond, jojoba seed, and organic kukui seed oils. Roll onto pulse points during meditation, before sleep, or during times of stress.
  • Sleepy Beauty Tranquility Pillow Spray. Prepare your body for a restful night with a therapeutic blend of sage, rose, and petitgrain essential oils. Spray across your bed linens or throughout your bedroom, close your eyes, breathe deep, and rest easy.

How to use aromatherapy for stress relief

Before beginning your aromatherapy journey at home, you should follow a few simple rules. First, confirm your essential oils are 100% natural and avoid synthetics. Second, ensure your essential oils are diluted in a carrier oil, like sweet almond oil or a body lotion. Essential oils are highly concentrated and should be used with care and moderation. Lastly, always test a small patch of your skin before use to see if you may be allergic.

Essential oils can be inhaled, diffused, or combined with a carrier. Here are our favorite ways to use aromatherapy for stress relief.

  • Diffuser. Essential oil diffusers use steam to infuse your space with aroma slowly. A few drops in water of your favorite oil or aroma blend can clear the air, help you sleep, or simply aid in relaxation. Use a diffuser in 30-60 minute intervals throughout your home, office, or business to bring relief to stress.
  • Use a pre-made blend. You don't need to look far to find your new favorite aroma blend because blending essential oils into beautiful combinations is YUNI's specialty. You can find blends that help with stress or sleep in the form of a mist, a roll-on, or even skincare products like lotions and body scrubs. Our products bring the benefits of aromatherapy into your whole self-care experience.
  • In a bath or shower. Amp up your already relaxing bathing moments by adding a couple of drops of your favorite stress-relieving essential oil into bath water or the corner of your shower. Allow the hot water and steam to activate the aromatherapeutic properties of the essential oils, and enjoy.
  • Spray on fabrics. Let your aroma linger longer by spraying it on your clothing, towels, and bed linens. The essential oils will refresh fabrics and bring you moments of calm throughout the day. Plus, stress-relieving essential oils will lull you to sleep when sprayed on your pillow and around your bedroom.

Should I try aromatherapy?

At YUNI Beauty, we believe in following science-backed techniques rooted in nature to improve your wellbeing. Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years and is backed by two decades of research, most notably in treating stress and anxiety.

Aromatherapy provides a safe and natural way to relieve stress. There's a relatively low risk of starting aromatherapy, and it pairs easily alongside other stress-relieving practices, such as yoga, baths, massage, or meditation. There is not much effort or cost to begin aromatherapy, especially compared with professional massage, acupuncture, or spa treatments.

But we know it can be overwhelming to begin your aromatherapy journey. It can be tough to determine which essential oils work best together and how to dilute the potent concentrates safely. Thankfully, YUNI has created a collection of aroma blends to meet all your health needs, including stress relief, sleep aids, muscle recovery, and more.

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