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HEALTH - June 2017

HEALTH - June 2017

HEALTH - June 2017

YUNI Beauty offers the eco-friendly products every camper wants when it is time to reconnect with Mother Nature. Our biodegradable and eco-friendly line of products transforms any camping adventure into more of a glamping affair. Be sure to read what Health Magazine recommends for staying clean and fresh feeling in the most primitive of environments. YUNI has the answer for you when you venture off the beaten path.

Glamping Instead of Camping

Immersing yourself in the great outdoors does not have to be a dirty affair — far from it! Glamping has elevated rural camping to another level entirely, where anyone can now enjoy sleeping under the stars.

YUNI's Shower Sheets made the Editors' Picks list of glamping essentials as a must-have for all nature lovers seeking some R&R in the great outdoors. Since many of the most pristine spots in the world are far away from campgrounds and civilization, Shower Sheets provide peace of mind that at the end of the day, you can clean up. Get ready for your next trip now and pick up some Shower Sheets today.

Fully compostable, YUNI's Shower Sheets are the environmentally friendly solution for anyone who wants to feel clean enough to get in some snuggle time in front of the campfire. This organic, waterless shower substitute wipes away sweat and grime leaving your skin feeling soft and clean.

For More Than Just Camping

While YUNI Beauty products offer obvious benefits to campers, this green company also provides many products designed specifically for active people that are constantly on the go. Looking good and feeling good has never been so easy. These guilt-free beauty products are the answer for discriminating consumers who care about the environment.

There are easy travel sizes available for those times when bigger isn't necessarily better. Check out the full line of products and plan for your next adventure with confidence.


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