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Arnica Extract

Arnica Flower

Arnica Extract

Arnica oil has been found to be an effective solution to so many minor aches and pains. From bumps and bruises to mild muscle pain, arnica may be exactly what you’re looking for. In fact, arnica has been in use as a remedy for these exact problems since the early 1500s, and today, its popularity has only grown.

Arnica montana is also called mountain tobacco, wolf’s bane, and leopard’s bane. The plant has large, bright flowers that are used in the production of the extract. These yellow flowers appear during the middle of summer and are still in bloom throughout the fall. Learn more about how arnica extract can benefit you when you read about our products today.

How to Use

Arnica generally has to be applied twice a day for several days before benefits become apparent. Consistency is key if you’re looking to enjoy the full benefits arnica extract offers.

Arnica at YUNI

When it comes to arnica extract benefits and arnica gel for inflammation, YUNI has taken it to another level by combining it with cooling essential oils to create a topical pain relief product that’s perfect for all of your aches and pains. The CHILLAX Muscle Recovery Gel should only be used externally and never on open wounds. Check out the top benefit of our muscle gel today.



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Arnica Extract Benefits

Many people who live an active lifestyle experience muscle strains, inflammation, bruising, and other inconveniences on a frequent basis. Finding a beauty product that actively works to reduce swelling, bruising, and pain is the perfect solution.


Since bruising is caused by an impact that ruptures the blood vessels in a particular area, increasing the flow of blood allows the area to be cleared of residuals including blood cells, minerals, and other elements.

Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel is mostly caused by inflammation, and the best cure for that is more circulation. Getting the blood flowing throughout the body ensures that toxins are being removed promptly and mitigates buildup that eventually causes swelling. When used consistently, arnica has been found to reduce pain even for acute conditions like carpal tunnel or bursitis.


When applied to areas where you are experiencing pain, arnica extract improves circulation to speed up the natural healing processes of the body. This is the perfect treatment for sprains and strains, where swelling has caused a stoppage of the crucial nutrients the body needs to heal. Choose arnica gel for inflammation first.

While arnica is generally applied to injuries where the skin has not been broken, it also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that are useful in open wound healing.

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