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Vogue France - May 2017

Vogue France - May 2017

No name is more synonymous with health, beauty, and fashion than Vogue France. As a leading voice in all things trendy and new, it is no surprise that YUNI Beauty's skin care and hair care products were featured in the glossy pages of Vogue France. For active, busy people who want products that travel well and can be used anytime and anyplace, YUNI Beauty has answered that demand. Discover what Vogue has to say about our unique product line for athletes who insist on convenience and quality.

Workouts for Health and Beauty

What if you could workout at the same time you enjoy a hair treatment? Now you can! Christelle Baillet, writer at Vogue France, tagged YUNI's HOT HEAD Microveil Hair Treatment as the perfect choice for hydrating your tresses — eliminating the frizz that a hard workout often creates. The mist is body-heat activated, which means as you heat up during your workout, it goes to work restoring the healthy shine of your hair.

Spa Quality Products on the Road

No one can completely control their environment. Pollution and stress both take a toll on your hair and skin. YUNI's unique skin and hair care products are popular for people-on-the-go who demand high quality results they can count on — whether they are at the gym or attending a remote business retreat. Be prepared for life and pick up a HOT HEAD Microveil Hair Treatment today.

Why YUNI Beauty?

YUNI Beauty is an environmentally responsible company with skin, body, and hair products made from natural and organic ingredients. This toxin-free philosophy is in growing demand as the company continues to create personal care items without harming animals or the environment. This commitment to excellence translates into healthy products, perfect for health-conscious, active individuals interested in living the good life. Join the movement and check out YUNI's unique offerings today.