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Power Your Healthy Yoga Glow

Power Your Healthy Yoga Glow


We all want healthy youthful skin. Keeping a regular skincare routine will help you achieve beautiful glowing skin. Face serums are an important step to maintaining skin health. This added layer of protection contains the most active ingredients to keep the skin young and supple. YUNI’s all natural skincare products will help you achieve that youthful glow.

After cleansing, apply YUNI’s  Active Calm Face Serum on the face, neck and decollate. This hydrating serum activates, firms and sculpts the face. It’s made with organic Buriti Oil that contains beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A, which we need for healthy skin. It also helps protect from free radical damage. This anti-aging serum contains Green Tea extract, which is a strong anti-oxidant, as well as Echinacea plant stem cells to treat and protect against future damage. Apply  Active Calm Face Serum in the morning and at night before bed. If you prefer a Face Crème or need additional hydration, use  Active Calm Moisturizer on its own or layer on top of the Face Serum. This luxurious Crème just melts into skin, giving you hydration and the treatment benefits you need without feeling greasy or heavy. It contains Edelweiss plant stem cells (a potent alpine plant) and fair trade Tumeric to improve skin tone and power your yogi glow.

You can use eco-friendly beauty products and get the same anti-aging benefits as you would from traditional serums & crèmes. The aroma in both YUNI’s  Active Calm Face Serum & Moisturizer are the same as the Body Balance Aroma Concentrate, the aroma you use during Savasana. As you apply the serum or crème, the anchoring blend of essential oils will reconnect you to that deep relaxation. Start and end the day reconnecting to your yoga moment through your beauty ritual.

To keep your skin in optimal condition, eat healthy water rich foods like fruits and vegetables, and keep your body hydrated. Before yoga, be sure to drink enough water to keep you hydrated throughout class. We lose hydration through perspiration, so it’s important to replenish after class too.

YUNI’s  natural skincare treats & perfects skin, with good-for-you organic ingredients, luxurious textures and addictive natural aromas to power your healthy yoga glow.  

Natalie Zimmerman is a writer, blogger and 200 hour RYT yoga teacher trained by YogaWorks. She's the co-founder of Creativity Flow Yoga, where students learn to explore their creative side with the practice of yoga, meditation and journaling. 

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