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Yoga Morning Routines for Body and Mind

Yoga Morning Routines for Body and Mind

If you struggle to wake up in the morning, lacking the energy to open your eyes until that first cup of coffee, you many need to introduce yoga into your morning routine. Find wakefulness every morning when you practice poses and flowing movements that energize your body and mind, providing balance and long-lasting energy. Here are a just a few of those yoga morning routines that you can use to get your day started right.

Yoga Poses for Morning

Practicing early morning yoga routines can provide an energizing boost that make space for a productive day. One of the better yoga routines to turn to in the early morning are sun salutations, also known as surya namaskara. These are a series of yoga poses for morning that create a continuous flow of movement when performed in a given sequence. These poses coordinate with your breath, extending while inhaling and bending while exhaling. Here are a few easy examples.

Four-Limbed Staff Pose, or Chaturanga Dandasana

Lay down on your stomach with your toes curled under your feet, your hands under your shoulders, and your elbows tight by your sides. Push back through your heels and press your hands firmly into the floor, engaging your core.

Cat-Cow Pose

Get on your hands and knees and stack your shoulders over your wrists and your hips over your knees. Start with your back in a neutral position. Each time you inhale, arch your back and lift your chest for cow pose. Each time you exhale, round your back and tuck your chin and pelvis in for cat pose. A modified version can include grabbing your opposite foot or ankle to create a deeper stretch in the shoulder and hip flexor.

Upward-Facing Dog Pose, or Urdhva Mukha Svanasana

Start on your stomach with your hands underneath your shoulders. Press your hands and the tops of your feet into the floor, and gently lift your torso and thigh bones from the floor. Keep your shoulders down and your neck relaxed as you gaze up.

Meditation for the Morning

Morning is also a good time to try a little meditation. Meditation is training for the mind just as a morning yoga routine is training for your body. It refreshes and calms you before taking on the day and all it has to offer.

There are many other reasons why the morning is a good time for meditation. The world around you is quiet, which leads to nourishing and restorative thoughts that will replenish your mind and spirit. Your mind is also quiet when you first wake up, leaving you more receptive to the positive affirmations and gratitude you may choose to meditate on.

Meditating in the morning can also lead to an abundance of productivity as the day progresses. Beginning each day in a confident, calm, and centered place can keep your mind sharp and focused all day long. Try these meditation styles when you wake up each day.

Remember to Breathe

Taking deep, resonating breaths each morning will help you to breathe better throughout the day. These breaths also improve cognitive function and relieve stress. Simply practice breathing fully and regularly when you first wake-up, and you will train your body to engage all day.

Appreciate the Sun

When you leave your bed, try to immediately step outside. The sun is up and waiting to greet you, dispersing crucial Vitamin D, which elevates mood. Do you live in a high rise in the city? Simply open your windows to fill your dwelling with natural light and fresh air.

Converse with Yourself

The early morning may be the only time you have to yourself each day. Take this time to talk to yourself before you try to speak with anyone else. Set the day's intentions, and meditate on them, enjoying the peace and quiet.

Guided Meditation 

You can try guided meditation through an app in an area that is free from noise and distractions. Many apps will lead you through a meditation with chanted mantras and guiding voices.

Try to either lie down, or sit comfortably in a chair, relaxing and closing your eyes. Notice your thoughts flood your mind and observe each without judgment. This type of meditation is also the perfect place to try YUNI’s Pocket Savasana.

Waking with Essential Oils

There are several combinations of essential oils that will perk up your senses just as fast, if not faster than a cup of coffee. Try blending rosewood, frankincense, spruce, and blue tansy and apply the mixture to your wrists, neck, and the bottoms of your feet. Watch how quickly you will spring into your daily routine.

When you are on the go and do not have immediate access to your collection of assorted essential oils, try bringing along a cooling body gel, such as YUNI Beauty's Rise & Chill. This gel is scented with the crisp aromas of citrus and peppermint, without the addition of harsh chemicals. You can use it to kick yourself into action before a quick workout or an intense morning yoga routine.

Use a Diffuser

You can also try a couple of homemade recipes or store-bought blends of essential oils in your air diffuser to get you going. Here a couple of our favorite essential oil recipes for those mornings when you are less than energetic.

Basil and Grapefruit


  1. Drop Basil Essential Oil 
  2. Drops Grapefruit Essential Oil

Use this awakening blend to get you in the groove for an especially early work day. Herbal basil pairs wonderfully with the energizing grapefruit for an invigorating mix.

Nutmeg and Orange


  1. Drop Nutmeg Essential Oil 
  2. Drops Orange Essential Oil

This mixture brings to mind peaceful walks through the forest. It is empowering and gives you the sense that a great day is just beginning. Along with a nutritious breakfast and a playlist of some of your favorite soothing music, this mix is guaranteed to put a spring in your step.

YUNI Advice

If you have been thinking about mixing a yoga morning routine and early meditation into your schedule, following these tips is a great way to start. These meditation practices and yoga poses for morning will not only awaken your body and spirit, they will get you centered and focused and ready to take on the new day's challenges.

Learn more about how yoga can improve your daily life when you keep up with our  blog!

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