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Buriti Oil

Buriti Oil

Buriti Oil Benefits

While buriti nuts originate in the rain forests of the Amazon, it has become an international phenomenon due to the benefits of buriti oil. Also known as Mauritia flexuosa, moriche palm, or ité palm, the buriti tree can be found throughout South America, in Central Brazil and the Southern Amazon basin.

The fruit itself is a shiny chestnut color and it has a bright yellow pulp inside. There is also an edible nut in the middle which can be used to make drinks, ice cream, preserves — and of course, beauty products.

From hair and skin to nails and general health, this antioxidant rich nut can help protect your body from damage in a number of ways. If you’re interested in how buriti oil benefits your skin, read on to learn more from the experts at YUNI Beauty.

Using Buriti Oil Products

If you’re using pure buriti oil, you only need a few drops to take advantage of its effects. You can apply it directly to your skin or mix it with your favorite moisturizer. We recommend choosing beauty products that contain buriti oil among other ingredients that enhance its natural properties.

Buriti Oil from YUNI

Whether the buriti oil benefits you’re looking include deep hydration or reducing the drying effects of winter weather, YUNI products should be your top choice. We use only certified organic buriti oil in our products and you can find it in our ACTIVE CALM Face Moisturizer. Explore these products in our Skin Care Collection today!



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Buriti Oil Benefits for Skin

Buriti oil has several beneficial ingredients that can have a powerful effect on your skin including antioxidant beta-carotene, essential fatty acids, vitamin E, and vitamin C.

Beta Carotene

Beta-carotene is a powerful antioxidant, and buriti oil is one of the richest known sources of it. It helps protect your skin from damage that occurs due to UV rays and free radicals.

Fatty Acids

Fatty acids are one of the prime ingredients that physically make your skin look better. You may experience more elasticity and firmness, as well as smoother, more supple skin. When applied in conjunction with other ingredients, fatty acids can also reduce redness and irritation.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E also has antioxidant effects that protect skin from environmental damage and stressors. It minimizes the effects of aging including wrinkles and sagging skin.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C contains an antioxidant called ascorbic acid that plays a big role in promoting collagen production for plump, smooth skin. It can also help reduce and reverse photodamage from UV rays.

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