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Natural Skin Care

Transform your skin and senses with YUNI’s naturally active revitalizing treatments. Featuring buriti oil, coconut oil, echinacea stem cells, turmeric, green tea extract, and select organic skincare ingredients, YUNI’s natural skin care restores the natural smoothness, resilience, and youthful glow of healthy skin.

The Power of Natural Ingredients

YUNI’s natural skin care is designed to work with your skin to support natural renewal-to give skin just what it naturally needs to look and feel healthy. Like all YUNI products, our natural skin care formulas have been created as active beauty products that work seamlessly as a part of your life. Convenient, portable, 100% naturally fragranced, high-performance care; eco-friendly products you can feel good about using--that’s our nature.

Experience YUNI On-the-Go

We offer travel sizes of our most popular skin, body, hair care products and aroma products. Ideal for yogis and active people who are on-the-go, our skin care products contain essential fatty acids that reduce any redness and skin irritation post-workout. Whether you are travelling or simply need to unwind after a long work day, take our refreshing skin care products along for the journey and find tranquility wherever you are.

The Best Natural Skin Products

Make the most of your yoga routine or workout by using our carefully crafted skincare products, meant to renew your skin’s natural glow. Browse our selection of revitalizing all-natural skin care treatments, including our Active Calm Face Serum and Active Calm Moisturizer. Revolutionize your beauty routine with YUNI.