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At YUNI, we believe that aromatherapy is an effective method to enhance your yoga practice. With aromatherapy, you can rediscover moments of peace and strength, whether you’re at work or on-the-go. At YUNI, we use essential oils that will enhance your mental, physical, and spiritual state as you workout. With our high-performing products, you can recall your moments of deep relaxation before, during, and after each yoga practice or workout.

Essential Oils for the Body & Mind

Our aroma beauty products are made with 100% natural essential oils. At YUNI, our selection of convenient, fine mist sprays and roll-on concentrates are a portable, environmentally-friendly solution to anchor your moments of bliss.

By combining sweet almond, jojoba seed, and organic kukui seed oils, we’ve successfully formulated aroma beauty products for easy application and quick drying. When used in conjunction with your practice, these all-natural products deliver powerful and sensual aromatherapy effects. To start anchoring unique relaxation sensations in your memory, apply YUNI products before the Savasana pose. Whenever you feel the need to unwind, YUNI aromatherapy oils and mists can recall an aromatic cocoon of relaxation.

Anchoring Aromas

A calming blend of geranium, bergamot, neroli, and sage provide a soothing inspiration that promotes deep relaxation.

Perfect for reconnecting with deep relaxation when you’re away from home, our travel size products are equally strong and effective. Featuring a sample of our customer favorites, pick up a travel kit and decide which aroma suits you most.

Try our aroma beauty products and benefit from the powerful scents that will enhance the impact of your practice.