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Active Beauty Restore Health

To do your best, you’ve got to feel your best. Get your body in peak condition with YUNI products that integrate care for your mind and body. Get the most out of every workout and enjoy a faster, healthier path to post-workout recovery.

A pre-workout routine is one of the best ways to prepare your mind and body and enhance every yoga practice or workout. When it comes time to cool down and recover, YUNI Beauty has a collection that soothes sore muscles and helps you recover quickly.

Cleanse, Soothe, and Hydrate

Whether you choose to use our Chillax Muscle Recovery Gel during or after a workout, pump up the power when you pair it with one of our other post-workout items. From our Smoothing Body Scrub and Concentrated Cleansing Creme to our (Hydrating Body Conditioner) Rise & Chill cooling body gel, every element of our recovery pack is made with essential oils and natural ingredients.

Luxuriate in the benefits of (essential oils) aloe vera and green tea extract in a gel lotion that instantly soaks into your skin, allowing you to get up and go right after you’ve put it on. Enjoy the cooling sensations of peppermint leaf essential oil and arnica flower extract during or after a workout for a pain-free day.

Shop YUNI for your post-workout routine.