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    Product Listing
  • SHOWER SHEETS Large 12 x 10 natural biodegradable Body Wipes - Box of 30 Peppermint/Citrus Ambassador Picks YUNI Beauty

  • SHOWER SHEETS Large 12 x 10 natural biodegradable Body Wipes - Box of 12 Peppermint/Citrus Ambassador Picks YUNI Beauty

  • Instantly refresh and foam away sweat, dirt and odor, when you're in a rush or a shower isn’t available. A blend of antibacterial Neem extract and cooling/soothing Aloe Vera vanishes instantly, with no rinse needed, leaving skin pristine, soft and refreshed. A light aromatic blend of essential oils releases stress. | FLASH BATH

  • COUNT TO ZEN Rejuvenating Hand & Body Creme | Travel Size

  • COUNT TO ZEN Rejuvenating Hand and Body Creme BOGO 2016 YUNI Beauty

  • FLASH BATH No Rinse Body Cleansing Foam Ambassador Picks YUNI Beauty

Active Beauty Saves Time

Less time-crunch, more time for crunches. Whether you’re a yoga instructor on-the-go or a fitness fanatic on-the-run, YUNI Beauty has all you need for a quick, clean get away. Save time on pre-class prep and post-class cleanup so that you have more time for your passions.

Our line of active beauty products include versatile, multi-tasking products that work before, during, and after your workout sessions. Save time and energy on your daily routine to ensure that you can practice more often and take advantage of every session.

A Quick, Fresh Clean

If you’re looking for products that work while you’re working out, as well as products that make it simple to clean up and walk out the door, explore a line designed especially for you. From our Flash Bath No-Rinse Body Foam to our popular Shower Sheets, YUNI can help you get clean in a hurry and feel incredibly refreshed. Our powerful Hot Head Microveil Hair Treatment is activated by body heat and is the perfect option for those looking to treat their hair with nourishing essential oils while working on the mat.

When there aren’t enough hours in the day, let YUNI Beauty help you cut down on your daily routines to make fitting in one more yoga session a breeze.


How Can I Shorten My Beauty Routine?

Multi-purpose, high-quality products are vital to achieving a time saving beauty routine. A mixture of potent natural ingredients that cleanse, tone, and moisturize can help you cut down on the number of steps in your skincare regimen. 


YUNI’s portable products were created for the active lifestyle of yogis, instructors, and outdoor enthusiasts. After your yoga practice or sweaty workout, cleanse and refresh quickly with our Shower Sheets or Flash Bath, so you can save time and focus on your passions.

What Are Your Time Saving Beauty Products Made of? 

Our Save Time products are made with 100% natural, fair trade, plant-based ingredients. We are proudly cruelty-free, and Leaping Bunny certified, as well as gluten-free and FREE of parabens, formaldehyde, petrolatum, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates, mineral oil, synthetic colors or fragrances, GMOs, PABA, EDTA, or PEGs.


YUNI’s formulas combine potent plant extracts, natural essential oils, and nourishing moisturizers for time saving beauty products your skin will love. You’ll discover ingredients like antibacterial neem extract and peppermint leaf essential oil in our Shower Sheets for a quick body cleanse on the go. We use nature’s most powerful moisturizers, like aloe, organic baobab oil, and organic kukui seed oil, to soothe the skin and reduce inflammation. All our products are packed with antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and E and green tea, so you’re protected from the effects of free radicals.

What are your Best Selling Time Saving Beauty Products? 

We recommend starting your YUNI Beauty collection with these best selling time saving beauty products:


  • Shower Sheets: No time to shower after your workout? Instantly sweep away dirt, sweat, and odor with these extra-large, portable, and biodegradable premoistened sheets. Each Shower Sheet is packed with antibacterial neem, revitalizing peppermint extract, and skin-softening aloe for a healthy and eco-conscious cleanse on the go.


  • Count to Zen: Moisturize dry skin while you calm your senses with this rejuvenating hand and body creme. Organic baobab oil, aloe, and shea butter smooth skin and ease inflammation. While a relaxing blend of essential oils, including chamomile, soothe your nervous system.


  • Flash Bath: Purify and refresh skin after a workout with this no-rinse cleansing foam. Smooth Flash Bath into the skin when a shower isn’t an option, and instantly reap the benefits of antibacterial neem, purifying witch hazel, and cooling aloe.

Do You Have A Skincare Routine Guide For Your Time Saving Beauty Products? 

YUNI Beauty’s entire skincare line is formulated to multi-task, so your routine is fast and effective. The powerful plant-based ingredients in our formulas balance any skin type, whether it’s dry, aging, or prone to acne.


Follow these steps each morning and night: After cleansing and toning, apply Sleepy Beauty Bakuchiol & Biotic Serum to damp skin, followed by Active Calm Moisturizer. Add a few drops of Light Seeker Glow Oil to extra dry skin and a protective layer of SPF in the morning.


Add these products 1-2 times a week for a healthy glow

  • In the shower, exfoliate from head to toe with Glow with the Flow Face and Body Scrub. 

  • Support skin renewal and balance skin tone with Yunicorn Celestial Jelly Mask Cleanser. Apply a layer of gel to dry skin, then massage with wet fingertips. Leave on for just 1-2 minutes before rinsing. 

Still have questions? Contact us here, and a YUNI Beauty expert will help you choose the products that best fit your needs.