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Our Philosophy

CREDO: Seekers of Good, bringing the Goodness of Yoga to the moments of our lives.

COMPANY PROFILE: YUNI is the first natural high performing beauty brand that is sustainable, convenient, and most importantly, a Yoga-inspired beauty brand.

VISION: To contribute meaningfully to the global development of the yoga movement. To win the love and loyalty of yoga practicioners everywhere - by providing healthy, convenient, sustainable, naturally pleasurable products and memorable experiences. 

MISSION: YUNI is the first high performing natural beauty brand that enriches the Yoga practice by preparing the body and mind, enhancing the sensations of the practice and reconnecting to its benefits, off the mat. 

FUNCTION: The products create a distinct and memorable experience - the "anchoring" moment with the product - including tactile and olfactory sensations, through the use of high-performance botanicals, unique aroma blends, cooling or warming effects and nature-powered ingredients.